Roon keeps losing connection to Bluesound speakers

I keep having this issue where my Bluesound speakers disappear from Roon’s list of available speakers/zones. The only solution I’ve found is going into the Bluesound OS and rebooting the speakers. Then Roon sees them again.

My set up is Roon Core (Mac Laptop) -> Roon Remote (other Mac Laptop) -> Bluesound Speakers (2x Node2s, Pulse, Flex)

And the Roon Core and speakers are all wired into a powerline network that has strong connection (50-100mbps).

So far I haven’t had any speakers get dropped while music is playing to them. The Bluesound speakers all have the latest OS and updates. Roon is latest version too.

Have you done any testing with the powerline adapters out of the way?

We’ve traced networking issues to EoP over and over again, so that would be the first thing I would confirm – understanding whether this issue happens over normal ethernet will be a good data point to start troubleshooting this issue.

Thanks @Greg_Bagley!

I haven’t tried replicating the issue over normal ethernet. I suspect you’re right, that it wouldn’t happen over normal ethernet. It happens with different speakers at different times, and would be hard to move all the speakers together so that I could wire them to the same ethernet switch. Planning on wiring normal ethernet through the house eventually, but not there yet.

When Roon drops one of the speakers, I can go into the Bluesound/BluOS apps and they still see the speakers and I can play to it through the Bluesound app still. I wouldn’t be surprised if the powerline networking drops the connection occasionally and that is what is causing this. But I would think that once the speaker is visible again, Roon would start seeing it again and re-connect to it. Since I have to restart the speaker for Roon to see it again, I’m wondering if there might be a problem with how Roon re-connects with the bluesound integration. Like it has trouble reconnecting for some reason after losing an initial connection.

Seems maybe related to:

If that’s the case, then it sounds like the next Bluesound update should fix it. Looking forward to that! :slight_smile:

Hey @Greg_Bagley – we are going to spend some time in-house trying to reproduce this issue.

We have some Bluesound gear in house that’s in regular use and has never had this issue, but we’re generally running on Wifi or Ethernet, which is why I wanted to eliminate EoP as a factor.

The fastest way for us to move forward here will be if we can figure out a way to consistently reproduce this issue, so if there any additional details about how you’re using the Bluesound speakers, how your network is configured, etc, please feel free to be detailed, as it will help expedite our testing.


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