ROON keeps losing connection to Roon Core on Ubuntu

Roon Core Machine

Processor: Intel® CoreTM i7-8665U
Memory module: 16GB DDR4-2400MHz
Memory module: 16GB DDR4-2400MHz
Storage SSD m.2: Samsung SSD 1TB Storage 2.5’
Samsung SSD EVO Basic 1TB SATA

Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Wifi & Bluetooth: with 802.11ac 867

The core is next to and wired to the router.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: FRITZ!Box 7530, os: 07.29
Mesh repeater WiFi: FRITZ!Repeater 3000
Mesh repeater WiFi: FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E

Connected Audio Devices

Oppo UDP-203 via Wifi
Raspberry Pi 4 (Ropieee) via cable
Allo DigiOne (Ropieee) via Wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

ROON keeps losing connection to the core. The disconnect usually lasts 10-15 seconds at minimum, sometimes more than 30 and occurs repeatedly (once every 1 to 2 hours). Music playback is interrupted and has to be restarted manually after the connection has been re-established by Roon. All devices running ROON app (i.e. Macbook, iPhone, iPad) start looking for the core.

This behaviour started after the latest release 1.8 build 903, although in the same period lots of ubuntu patches have been released also.

Can the logs help?

I would first try connecting everything with ethernet to eliminate the WiFi as the issue, especially the Core.

Thanks for this input.

The core is wired (I updated the problem description since this was not clear); two of the three endpoints are not and can unfortunatily not be wired (old house).

This setup has worked without issues for years.
The only changes are: update of Roon, some Ubuntu updates. Nothing has changed network wise.

The behavior is similar to that being described in ROON keeps losing connection to ROCK (Intel NUC).
In fact I just copied parts of the description because it perfectly reflects the situation at my place. And I understood this setup is fully wired.


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Additional input. If I run the core from a MacBook (not wired) then I do not have the issue.

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