Roon Keeps Losing Connection

This is unlikely to be the problem; it’s more likely to be your home wi-fi network.

If the Core uses the i5 machine why are you using the i3 as a Bridge? To better understand what’s going on, can you please confirm where your music is located? Does this play okay? Also please share screenshots from both computers of the following:

  • Settings > General
  • Settings > Storage
  • Settings > Audio

Martin, there are now two tickets saying Tidal and Qobuz are having problems with Roon.

Martin, the core is connected directly to the router in one room, and the i3 output is located in my dedicate listening room, so I’m not sure I understand your question. Is another computer not an approved endpoint/output? I’ll reply with the screenshots in a moment…

I’ve noticed these, but the OP says the “… issue has been going on for almost the entire time I’ve been a Roon subscriber …” so this may be unrelated.

There may be other issues with Duane, but this may not be the time to troubleshoot the issue.

Because the i3 can run Roon rather than Roon Bridge (such as a small dedicated endpoint) I would like to confirm your setup.

Martin, how do I get to those settings when I’m running Roon Server on my core machine?

I think I found them…hang on…

Martin, I really appreciate your time in trying to help me! Here are the screenshots from the core machine. I’ll reply again with the output machine in a moment. I’ve tried turning everything off in the “General” settings with the same results.

Martin, not sure if this is what you need from the output, or not?

Here’s Tidal, working like a champ, and then here’s Roon…

No issues with Qobuz either.

The same here ! Since today ! Never had a problem the last 2 years…

Mines been nothing but problems for two years. It’s been off and on, but much worse lately. I’m thinking it’s something network related, but no one seems to be able to figure it out. My network is as simple as it gets, so I wouldn’t think it’d be that difficult.

Thanks for the screenshots. What I have noticed is that your ISP seems to be configured for IPv6.

Your core has a hybrid IP address ::ffff: whereas the bridge has a standard IPv4 address: This may explain the intermittent connection. I’m looping in @support this this is not an area I’m familiar with.

Dylan, I see that others are having issues today, but my issue isn’t just today. It’s been off and on for over two years, so I think I have something else wrong. I’m leaning towards my network, but everything else works excellent, except for Roon. I’ve tested multiple machines and different versions of Roon, all with the same results.

Thanks Martin! Not sure why they moved my issue here as I’ve stated that this has been an ongoing issue, and not just an issue today.

Thanks Carl!

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Hi again @Duane_Smith,

I’ve identified and moved all the posts back into here … minus a few replies that were related to the wider issue. to this topic should be intact now.

Again sorry for inconvenience.


Hi @Duane_Smith,

The issue with our services from over the weekend have been resolved. Are you still seeing issues? If so, can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?