Roon keeps losing control of HQPlayer

I am having an issue with Roon losing control of HQPlayer (HQP).
I am running Roon on an i9 Sonicorbiter (SO) with HQPlayer running embedded on the SO.
I have the SO connected via an optical connection directly to an opticalRendu running the HQPlayer NAA.
The opticalRendu is connected via USB to my McIntosh C2700.
HQP is set to output SDM
Tried some basic filters
Using ASDM5 modulator (tried a variety of others with no change)
Output has been set between DSD64 to DSD256

The problem is that lately Roon loses control of the HQP in about 2 minutes no matter what settings I set in HQP.

If I reboot the NAA software and restart the opticalRendu it works again for a few minutes and then crashes again.
Tried uninstalling HQP
Changed the optical cable
Disconnected power from all devices and restarted
Restarted the SO
I have changed to less aggressive filters in HQP
I have tried changing settings but no success in keeping the chain stable.
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Have searched through forums on this my cannot find a solution that works.

Btw. Love the sound from HQP would love to be able to use it.

Are you using the latest versions of HQP Embedded and NAA ?

I expect the opticalRendu has a web interface enabling updating the software like my microRendu.

Can you post a screenshot of the Device Setup screen (including advanced) for your Roon HQP zone ? I can’t think of a setting that would cause these issues, but it’s worth checking.

After you update everything like @andybob said, can you set output to PCM (max 192kHz) ?

Just to make sure this works, before troubleshooting DSD?

If that works, then directly USB connect your sonicTransporter to your C2700 with USB cable (take Rendu out of the chain)

Try these things and report back

For your DAC you also might need to enable “DoP”

Try DSD128 with poly-sinc-short-lp-2s

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Did go through the web interfaces for both the Sonicorbiter and the opticalRendu. They are on version 2.8.
Here is the screenshot of the settings