Roon keeps on skipping after 10-20secs of playing

Intel NUC
NUC10i5 FNH i5CPU, 16GB RAM. 2TB SSD for storage
Roon Rock software Version 2.0 (build 1299) production

Time Fibre Internet, Malaysia
100MBS speed
Modem/Router -Huawei HG8145V5 if on Ethernet

Bluesound Node 2
Bluesound Node 2021
Both u connected via LAN cable

30,663 tracks in the library

Description of Issue

Since 9th August 2023, Roon has been skipping every song and then stopped which I played including Tidal and CD rips. It always prompt saying my Roon has network issue and is slow. Sometimes, it does not play the song at all and stopped. However, I manage to stream 4k video via my internet, which I don’t think the network has any issue.

Please help


Have you rebooted the NUC, router and the Nodes? I have had the same issue and rebooting the router is what actually fixed it. I would power everything down for a few minutes and then reboot it all.


After awhile here, several weeks, everything has a tendency to slow down here. Not just Roon.
A reboot of my ISP’s modem always fixes it.

I have a feeling that may be your issue as well.

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I switched off everything, but still couldn’t solve the problem

However, everything back to normal after a few days. I guess it’s the Roon server problem

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