Roon keeps ramping up then crashing - Windows 11

Roon Core Machine

Acer Aspire Windows 11 11th gen intel i5-11400@2.6 Ghz 8GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity router 400mbps

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When Roon is open my computer keeps ramping up and then crashing

What made you think that running a 200,000 track Roon library on top of Windows 11 with only 8 GB of RAM was a solid idea?


lol, brutal, but true.

It was working for a long time

I’ll probably remove some music

I concur with @Jeffrey_Mehr1

My Windows setup was ramping up on CPU, causing the fan to go into overdrive. Got pretty hot. Checking task manager didn’t reveal anything other than Roon was wanting to do so. 2 days prior no issue. Maybe a windows update caused it :man_shrugging:

i5-6400, 16gb RAM, Windowz on a 240gb SSD. Music on a 1tb Samsung 980 m.2 SSD.

I put my other SSD with Rock on it into my machine. Runs butter smooth. :man_shrugging:

I’ll stick with Rock (Mock).

Edit: I’ve added Windows 11 to the threads title. Might be something, might not be related.

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Room seems to be working ok now. It’s kind of a weird situation. I have my Nintendo switch next to my computer. I think it might have been to close to my computer and blocking the vents.

I also noticed my computer ramping up without Roon open

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