Roon keeps repeating song

Roon Core Machine

I now find roon repeating a song

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Is it accidentally switched to repeat by any chance?

I don’t think so. I’m using my IPhone to control and don’t see anywhere to turn on repeat. This is not the first time I’m having this issue.

I don’t use iPhone but it should be the same as the Android UI I think
its not particularly obvious though so.
When on now playing, switch to the queue instead and top right you will see the shuffle and repeat icons
See screenshot

You are correct. The repeat function was on in the queue. I have never used that function and don’t know how it was turned on. Roon would not connect to my Innous and I deleted the controller software on my phone and reinstalled it and it connected. Maybe it was the latest IPhone update that messed up Roon.

Thanks for the help.

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