Roon kills my audio driver on windows 10 pc

Since I have installed roon I have the following problem:
A short period of time after starting roon the audio driver (audiosrv.drv) stopps working and responding.
No audio playing on the PC is possible, from any programm. No changes in the audio settings can be done. If you try to change settings, you have an infitive waiting circle.

In roon all devices under “Connected on this PC” has disapeared (before it shows the usual suspects).
If you press the refresh button, you see “loading…” for an endless time.
Roon over airplay is still playing without problems.

I NEVER used roon to play directly on a PC device. I ALWAYS use playing over Airplay.

Audio ist a Realtec onboard chip on a ASUS P8P67 ‏(REV 3.1)‏ board on a Windows 10 Desktop PC.
In the windows audio settings I had tried to deactivate “exclusive mode” for the audio device. Didn’t change anything.

Any idea, what I can do?
If I don’t find a solution, I had to abandon roon. Because I can’t use the PC anymore for Skype, Videos, Games, … And that didn’t work for me.

Thanks for any help

Additional information:
the problem persists over a reboot of the pc.
I had to deactivate the Windows-Audio Service and reboot.
Then after the reboot, I can reactivate and start the service and soundoutput via onboard sound chip is back.

Crazy and time consuming behaviour.

Hi @AE67 – sorry for the trouble here. We’re aware of some configurations where RAAT Server can crash, and we have fixes coming in a new release very soon. I think that’s what’s happening here:

Once the new release is live, I think you should be able to disable your audio devices here and get this working again.

Just let me know if you’re still stuck once the new version is live, and we can take another look if you’re having any problems. Sorry again for the trouble!

Ok, thanks for the reply, I will wait for the update.

We’re aware of some configurations where RAAT Server can crash

To clearify the problem. Then the problem occurs roon is still working and I can play music via airplay without problems. The problem is, that the windows audio service is completely blocked. So no programm on the PC can play any sounds via soundcard from now on. And also roon can’t detect internal audio hardware any longer. But roon is still able to continue playing music over airplay, UI and everything else works as expected. Only in the setting dialog is no internal audio hardware visible.
And I’m sure it’s a roon problem. Without starting roon nothing bad happens.

interim report:

Installed build 128 and first thing I have done is disable in roon settings all system output devices.
Now playing 2h long music over roon without problems.
That’s promising.

I will watch this for 2-3 days and if no problems occure, I will go the next step. Reenabling system devices in roon and see if this also works with build 128 without the old problems.

(keep fingers crossed :slight_smile:)

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