Roon kills my internet connection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 Pro 64bit / Intel Core i7-6950x CPU @ 3ghz (10 core), 64 GB RAM
Roon 1.7 (build 667) stable (64 bit)
Library, stored on SSD.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
NBN connection box CM9200B/ Sagemcom F@ ST 3864V3 HP Modem/Ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Hi there,

Over the last few months, whenever I connect to my Roon server via a mobile device (I use a MacBook Pro and an iPhone XS) via wireless, within a few seconds it completely kills the internet connection, and, I have to restart my modem.

Once restarted, it dies again unless I terminate the Roon application on the mobile devices. I haven’t always had this issue, but, I’m not sure when it started to be precise. I’d love some help resolving this issue.


Are you adding new stuff , it will work until the metadata is complete. Is it a new library ?

I shut down every night and Roon churns a bit when it auto starts but soon stops

In theory Roon can work without an internet connection once info has been downloaded, so they say

The post suggests the core is connected and working as it should. The problem is connecting remote devices over WiFi. I’d look to the manufacturer or provider of the modem/router for updates or patches to bring it up to date, and maybe raise the isssue as a fault with them if that doesn’t help.

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There is nothing wrong with my modem. The only time I experience a disconnection is when I use Roon with devices over WiFi. I can use my devices via WiFI for literally any other activity without a problem (including using the Tidal streaming player).

Are you seeing error messages when the modem disconnects?
Is there anything in the logs that might shed some light?

No error messages other than the generic message that Tidal streams are disconnected due to being offline.

Just to confirm - when this happens all internet access is ‘broken’ until you restart the modem/router? But all local traffic is ok? Wired and wireless?

Can you get at the modem/router logs? I guess preferably while it’s in the ‘disconnected’ state, but at least immediately after restarting?

Yes: all internet access is ‘broken’ until I restart the modem, even the LAN. I can access and play local media on Roon, but, everything in Tidal disappears.

I can get the modem/router logs I’m sure; I’ll have to look up how to do that.

Sounds like it’s more fundamental than lost internet - sounds like the modem/router is crashing completely!

To be fair to Roon - whatever it’s doing to provoke the issue, the router shouldn’t crash!

Taking a look at the logs might be key; unless you can pin down a change to something that happened at the same time the issues first started that you could revert?

If you do a search through the forums, this is not an uncommon problem with Roon. I’m hoping someone from the Roon team pops online and helps me through this soon.

and btw, I’ve been using Roon for several years now and am a lifetime subscriber. This is a relatively new issue.

I’d agree there’s plenty of people reporting network problems - but I’ve never seen a post where the router crashes and takes out all networking…

… and that’s why I was wondering if you could pin down what might have changed. Modem logs might tell you if that’s had a firmware update.

Me too… I’m just trying to think it through from an outside perspective…

Hey @Adam_Casey,

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience while your case reached my queue, I’m here to help!

What exactly are you doing when you have the iPhone connected as a Remote? If you only connect to the Core and don’t play music, you’re saying that the crashes still occur?

I would definitely check the router logs and ensure you have the latest firmware installed, no application weather Roon or others should be causing the entire network to go down on a properly functioning router.

Can you please send me your Roon Core logs by using these instructions after the issue occurs?

Hello @Adam_Casey,

Do you have any update concerning this issue.
I’m experiencing a quite “similar” issue: Roon seems to cause a reboot of my modem, a Sagemcom also (modem+router+AP in one box).
In my case:

  • If Core is started, modem crash sometimes (quite soon when I start Android AP but also spontanneously)
  • If I deactivate Wifi on the modem, everything seems fine (with Windows and ethernet connection)
  • If Core is not started, no issue with modem at all.

I have to continue investigation but have no access to modem logs.

Thanks @mikeb,

In my case, the core is on a SonicTransporter. I check how I can change the DNS on it (I cannot set the DNS on the modem)
I’ve found another thread with similar issue (same ISP, same modem)

I have the same probleem.
Whenever i start up roon Internet crashes.
A technician of proximus came today and boosted my router power but stil the same probleem.
This happens only and i mean only with roon.

Hi @bruno_van_dessel ,

You can follow the lastest updates on my link just up.
In summary, proximus router has issues after a firmware update (with wifi activated). We managed to have Roon perfectly working by adding an AP/router behind the bbox3.

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