Roon kills Wifi on my Surface Pro 4

Hi, so whenever I play Roon on my Surface Pro 4, it immediately kills my wifi connection everytime. My music library is connected via external drive. I’ve gone through a lot of wifi troubleshooting, and I also thought it might be some kind of power draining issue so I run the drive through a powered hub. I’ve also checked the drivers, etc. and I can’t figure out why this happens. Has this been reported or noticed by anyone else or is there a fix for this?

Actually, did some more testing, and I don’t think its Roon per se, but rather trying to use any external drive with the SP4 is causing the wifi to go out.

have you run all Windows Updates? Did you install the big update to TH2 1511
build 10586? if you open a cmd prompt it will show you your windows version at the top. If it is 10.0.10240, go to and select Upgrade Now (will take a couple of hours).

Then check Windows Update again. Verify the driver version in device manager for the Marvell wireless adapter ends in .47.

Hi thanks, I’ve looked into these and everything is updated with the latest drivers already.