Roon Labs action required for qnap/synology/asustor users?

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Does the notice regarding Linux Roon Cores relate to those of us running Roon Core on their Synology NAS?
( Roon Core Docker on DS920+ running great)

It appears that this notice would require action for Synology users, I do not believe the necessary libraries are in the base install of DSM - nor am I aware that it’s an easy package install to resolve the issue. Roon should issue guidance here.

I have seen this notice for Linux users from Roon and whereas I appreciate the heads up and improvements, I have no idea in any practical way as to what to do. I am not a DIY person…’s_happening]
I can read all the words, but meaning, there is none… Help…
I feel a learning curve is coming on…

The beta testing should also included those that run their Roon core on a NAS, either Synology or QNAP. At least for Synology, this is a proprietary OS built on a Linux kernel.


For QNAP devices, my guess is that the libicu66 library will need to be bundled with the QNAP package.

Failing that, Roon server will run in a VM or container.

Agreed, however up to this point many have avoided the added overhead and complexity of spinning up a VM for Roon. If this is indeed required for all Synology installs of Roon - guidance should be given as there will be many users that will need to migrate. This is added in complexity as the best operation mode for DSM 7 is still being determined.

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Hi all, here’s what you need to do if you’re running Roon on NAS (and I’ll make sure to add this to the original post).

  • Synology
    No action required

  • QNAP
    @crieke has already updated the Roon QNAP package and it should be available in the QNAP store soon. Once it’s available, all you need to do is take the update.

  • Asustor
    Make sure you’re updated to ADM 4.0+