Roon Labs DSP for Q Acoustics 3050i

So based on the Listening Window of 3020i and 3050i available on soundstagenetwork, I made a PEQ for 3050i.

This PEQ is based on how @amirm had designed it for 3020i.

Let me know what you guys think of this and if there is any scope for changes, I am open for it.

Below is the LW for 3050i:

fr_listeningwindow (1).png

Below is the LW for 3020i:

fr_listeningwindow (2).png

Below is the PEQ that @amirm had made for 3020i:

Below is the PEQ I made based on the LW comparisons and @amirm 's PEQ of 3020i:

Awaiting your valuable feedbacks as I’m very new to the world of PEQ.

Special mention @Eetu who had helped me with the first PEQ chart.

PS: Need special help and attention with Band 3 (High Pass Filter).



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Thank you! I’ve been looking for exactly this. I’m using Q Acoustic 3020is in my small living room. These tweaks give then a nice boost in clarity. Thank you!