Roon Launches and Quits after adding second iTunes Library

Been running Roon for months and I love it. Haven’t had any problems until I went to “Settings” and added the location for a second iTunes Library location. As soon as I confirmed the second library location, Roon immediately crashed. Now when I start Roon the splash screen and the main window open but when it would normally go to full screen, Roon quits.

Roon is installed on a Hackintosh that emulates a 2015 iMac Retina 27" Processor is a 3.41 GHz Intel Core i7. 32 GB of 2400 MHz DDR4. Audio is routed through Audio Midi Setup to a Chord Mojo. The hardware all works as I’m listening to a file with iTunes as i write this.

Roon lives on a SSD along with Mac OS 10.11.6 El Capitan. All of the music files are located on a conventional SATA hard drive that lives inside the Hackintosh’s enclosure.

At this point I have located Roon’s plist file in /Library/Preferences, which I compressed. I then trashed the original plist file and emptied the trash. This made no change. Roon still begins to launch and then quits as before.

I havre considered reinstalling Roon but though I would check here first. I would appreciate any suggestions.



I deleted Roon from the Applications folder and reinstalled from the .dmg file and reinstalled. This version works. The version is 1.2 (build 142). It is offering to update to 1.2 (build 165). When I clicked on the “Click Here to Relaunch” button, the updated version repeats the quit during startup behavior. Build 142 works, plays music and I can navigate through the audio files with no problem.

I suspect that the file on the SSD is now the updated version and will not run if I quit and relaunch. This will allow me to use Roon until I find a fix.

Problem Solved

While running Build 142, I went to the Settings/Storage panel and deleted the second iTunes library link. Now it appears that Roon is back to normal operation. Yay!

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