Roon Legacy mirror down?[Fixed]

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I see. I’m reporting issue that I can’t download Roon Legacy All-in-one for Windows in support channel. Is there a way that devs can be informed about this issue through moderator’s support so they can re-upload this? Maybe files were removed by accident or something.


That’s weird. There’s no explanation why they removed only “Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote” mirrors. Other mirrors still work fine and removed file is working well here.

That 6 weeks time frame is about allowing original 2.0 update database to work with 1.8 database. After first 2.0 release, backup will no longer be compatible with version 1.8 so it shouldn’t be related to how 1.8 Windows All-in-one clients being removed.


That was a typo in the code, that has been fixed. Please go ahead and try those links.

My apology for trouble.

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Thank you. Glad to hear it’s resolved now.

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