Roon Legacy Remotes Cannot Connect to Roon Version 1.8 Core

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini Core, late 2012 model, High Sierra OS, various remotes

Description of Issue

My Mac Mini Core cannot run Roon version 2.0, and cannot load the required Catalina OS, so it has stayed at Roon version 1.8. But all my remotes (iPhones, Android, iPads) upgraded to Roon 2.0 and then could not recognize the 1.8 Core. So, I removed Roon 2.0 from the remotes and installed the Roon Legacy 1.8 Remote apps. Restarted the Core and now it shows my Mac Mini with Roon 1.8, build 1105 (and notes that I have the latest version installed), and my remotes show as having 1.8 (build 1126).

But, they still cannot communicate! I get a message that “One of your devices is running Roon Legacy” and “Roon is trying to connect but your Core and Remote are running different versions.” This is the same message that I was getting when I had the version 2.0 on my remotes.

All was working fine until the remotes upgraded to version 2.0.

I had kind of the same problem (with windows 8.1 incompatible with 2.0). My Roon App upgraded automaticaly to 2.0 and would not connevt to my Core 1.8 (1105). So I installed the legacy App 1.8 (which is irritating since it as the same logo as App 2.0 under Android). Anyway, it had the same problem as you stated above. So I downloaded the RoonCore 1.8 from Roon’s Website and installed it new. It just upgraded my Core 1105 to 1126. Everything works great again. Still not a smart move from Roon. They could just have made a new App for 2.0 (and not as upgrade to 1.8)…

You need to upgrade your Core to run 1.8 Legacy as well

Except > 99% took the update just fine.

well, you should state 1) First to upgrade the Core and 2) the App (manualy). I read somewhere from RoonLab about ugrading to 2.0 or not. It reads like if you stick to 1.8 you don’t have to do anything… I’m not so sure about the only 1% not moving to 2.0…

Thanks Guys. Looks like I have to reinstall the Core. But to do this, I believe I will have to remove the Roon app from my Mac Mini, then reinstall it? Then I have to load all my music files again?

Or can I just reinstall the Roon 1.8 Core over the existing one?

I agree 100% that this should have been a new app 2.0. Particularly frustrating that my Core is version 1.8 already—and I can only upgrade it to 2.0, not a 1.8 “Legacy” or a different build! And why the hell make the “Legacy” 1.8 Remote apps an incompatible “build” for the 1.8 Core that they must connect with?

All this hassle is because I was curious about the new ARC app! Grrrr.

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