Roon lets me access less albums with Qobuz than Qobuz directly…Help!

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Nucleus into Naim ND 555 ethernet

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It must be because of the difference in Intellectual property between every country. My Qobuz is French but I’m living abroad. Not sure how Roon is detecting or determining the country setting and forwarding it to Qobuz, when Qobuz directly doesn’t place a limit…and how I can overwrite it?

Hi Francois,

Are you saying that there are releases in your Qobuz app which you do not see in Roon and was your Qobuz account created in France?

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Hello, thanks for asking.
I have a french suscription to qobuz and live temporarily outside of Europe.
If I stream the album from Alexia Gredy through the Qobuz app directly, all tracks are available to play. If I do the same this time through the roon app (linked to roon) then I have access only to the first and last one, the others have a red text not currently available. But in the meantime I logged out and in and changed the roon text app to french and now it seems working…go figure!

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Glad it’s sorted. If you’re talking about her album released yesterday, it’s because Roon and Qobuz need to sync up after new releases.

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