Roon Library Clean Up how does this effect streamed content?

Sorry, couldn’t get the full question in the title! I often find Qobuz moves albums, so Roon loses them and calls the tracks ‘unavailable’. When I go to play the album I have to locate where it is now (using versions) and add that to my library, remove the old album pointer which is no longer valid and off we go. A pain and I’ve asked for a automatic ‘unavailable’ checker for years - but anyway what worries me is this…

If I use library clean-up it says (see screenshot) that it will delete files that have been “removed from a streaming service” so does this mean those albums that Roon thinks have been removed from Qobuz (they havent they just have different ID’s) will be removed form my library? Because if so I will never know they are gone and never have the chance to find them again?

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This is indeed a big issue, and there is at least one thread concerning this in the forums … but no reaction so far from Roon.

What I know is that the number of plays is not deleted, so you might find your album being deleted from your library but available again to being added to your library, and the plays are still there. But that makes it even more confusing to me.

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Maybe I should try to remember each of the names of the thousand artists I listen to, since Roon won’t do it for me … I just needed about an hour to find an artist again that was deleted from my library and I forgot the name! AHHH. Normally you would search by genre or anything, but it’s just gone. Google and helped in the end, but Roon definitely didn’t. It would be great if you could do something about this … just a list of the 78 (or whatever) files/ tracks that have been deleted this week.