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I recently changed my Tidal account to take advantage of a best buy offer. In doing so I had to create a new account using a different email to login to Tidal.

Doing so caused me to loose my other Tidal / Roon library. Is there a way to import that libraray into this new Tidal account via roon or do I have to start over?

Your Tidal favorites and Playlists are associated with your Tidal account, Roon is just getting that information from the account. If you login with a new account, Roon will only see those favorites and playlists that are held on the new Tidal account.

I’ve read some people use Soundiiz to move favorites between services and Roon, google using it or “transfer favorites between Tidal accounts” also see Although, you might have to be logged into the old account while doing the export out, I"m not sure as I haven’t used it.

i never had anything saved on the tidal app, i did everything thru roon. so i am wondering if i can access a saved backup and use that with this new tidal account?

Probably not, as I said it is all tied to the Tidal account the activity was under.

When you added a Tidal album or track in Roon, what you did was make that album a favorite in Tidal under that associated account. That is why I suggested something that can move the favorites from one Tidal account to another might work.

so i successfully imported the library via soundiiz. do you know if i have to maintain an account with soundiiz or is this a one and done and i can delete my soundiiz account? thanks for the help!

No idea. I think it is one and done.

great, thanks for the tip. it cost me $4.50 but was pretty easy to use. basically i had to load my old tidal account onto the app. then once i logged into the new tidal account it loaded everything back.i switched tidal accounts because tidal is running a promo right now where you can get tidal hi fi for 50$ for a year thru best buy. by doing this i saved 190$!

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