Roon Library Issue

Last few days I noticed the Roon library having issues. First my Pearl Jam Ten album had all the tracks listed as (Benson’s Mix) which was incorrect as it was ripped from a CD and years ago and stored on my NAS. Today my Pink Floyd Animals album is not showing up at all just the Qobuz remix version. I can see it in versions but it doesn’t come up in the discography list.

Tried ungrouping the albums but can’t get them to both show up in the discography at the same time. This seems to be new behavior as Roon usually shows all versions of an album based on my settings. It’s also odd because the Qobuz version is a remix and therefore it’s not really the same album.

I reported somewhat similar problems with discography in December. Never got so much as an acknowledgement. I think all problems like this are the results of the ongoing sh*t capabilities of Roon’s Search.

Thanks! BTW love Horace Silver!

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