Roon Library Remote Access between two homes

I’m a lifetime subscriber. I may as well admit that Roon has changed my life for the better, and I’m not looking back. In fact, when I shop for stereo gear, compatibility with Roon is the top non-negotiable feature.

The feature I need from Roon to change my life again is the full Roon experience in a second home. ARC is fantastic, and very impressive so far. I can see using ARC on an iPad and streaming via Airplay to my small second-home system. Having remote access to my Roon library is a huge step forward.

But it doesn’t quite get me there. The limitations of Airplay don’t need to be rehearsed again here. The allure of Roon in the first place was (and is) its ability to stream HD content, from my own curated library, optimally to a wide variety of endpoints. I’d like to use Roon in my remote home and have the experience be identical to that in my primary home.

Expecting that ARC has enabled some of this, I hope it’s on the roadmap.

My situtation is the same as yours. In my second home I’m limited to Qobuz on my Samsung phone which can redirect the selected played audio to my KEF LS50 II system on the same network.
I’ve opened a feature request for roon ARC to be able to do the same.