Roon Library: when Tidal or Qobuz fail

My understanding was that the point of Roon was to bring together a composite library. What I assumed from that, totally accept wrongly and it was my wrong assumption, was that if Tidal or Qobuz went down/failed, you would still have the same music in your collection/library but it would shift to the other provider/version (so long as one existed). For whatever reason Tidal is down today (for me anyway) and I’ve lost almost all the music in the library. I have both Tidal and Qobuz but use Tidal as primary and Qobuz for when it has the better quality version or a track/album Tidal doesn’t have. I also thought that gave me a good back up if Tidal failed.

Have I got this wrong? Or if Tidal failed would I have to go through and add everything to my collection/library again?

Same with me, Tidal is down, nothing in the library. Does anybody have the same problems with Tidal?

Given Tidal is a paid service independent of Roon I’m not sure what you suggest is possible or should be assumed. Looks like Tidal is down all around the world.

Sorry, you are completely right. Nothing to do with roon. But what a coincidence, I am listening to Tidal for about 2 years now, it was never down… Tidal over roon and Tidal on a separate computer, without roon

The solution if you have both services is to add your albums, tracks, artists etc that you want in Roon from both services into your library, that way you will have access to nearly all your music If one service is down. It is easy to quickly add all the missing music from one service to another using a software utility the name of which l will add later when I remember. I used it when I added Qobuz when I had been running Tidal for a couple of years. There will not be 100% match on both services. I prefer Qobuz so set preferences to play Qobuz version if both available.


The utility is Soundiz see here TIDAL to Qobuz - Transfer playlists and favorites with Soundiiz

I tried it for free, then paid a 1 month subscription to do the transfer, the free version is useful, but limited. It was Very easy!

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Earlier today I went into Roon and I was logged out of Tidal. Now I’m signed in to Tidal but none of my albums appear in My Library. Is this part of the Tidal crash/1.8 hiccups?