Roon License Agreement [answered]

I have several computers that I wish to install Roon on. It was my understanding that as long as I was running one copy at a time that I would be able to use a single license. Roon will not allow me to download another copy of the software, even though I have It turned off on my other machine.

That does not sound right … There is no restriction on downloading Roon.
I suggest you try downloading again in a few minutes.


There aren’t any restrictions on downloading Roon to as many computers as you want. Just note, that once you’re installed and signing in, a single licence will allow you manage one library at a time.

If all your computers are on the same network, you can just set up one as your Core. Then, you can configure every other computer to run Roon as a “remote”, which will give you the full Roon interface.

If you want Roon to manage libraries at multiple locations, you’ll need to move the license back and forth, which you can easily do in-app. Just keep in mind that you can’t manage multiple libraries in multiple locations at the same time – that requires multiple licenses.

Thanks Mike and Carl! I misunderstood the warning message about it deactivating the instance of Roon on my other computer. Now I understand that I can only have one version of Roon running at any given point of time.

To be clear, you can only manage one library at a time – Roon can run as a remote on an unlimited number of devices in your home, controlling that one library.

Glad we got this cleared up @Jimmy_Giessler!