Roon license & library server

Did I understand it right, that with one Roon license, I can only configure one Roon library server?

I’m asking, because I usally use tow different PCs to listen to my music, one in my home office, the other as a htpc in my living room,
I’d really prefer, that regardless the PC I’m using, the other PC is shut down. Is there a way to make this possible?

Yes, you can bounce licenses back and forth between machines so long as only one is in use at a time. The app will prompt you on startup if the other machine owns the license.

These are basically good news.
Unfortunately I usally use the htpc without a monitor and with all application automatically started.
So I don’t want to have any user interaction to get it ready to play. And this would be neccessary, if i switched the machine before.

Seems that it would be better for me to have an dedicated small roon server, place it somewhere near my Synology NAS and configure all other devices as a remote …