Roon license: platform independent?

I am a lifetime subscriber to Roon. At home it’s all mac. Wondering if the license I purchased is tied to a platoform. That is:
1- Can I move my server install to a Windows machine?
2- Can I install remotes on Windows machines and have them see my mac server (obviously on the same LAN)?

Additionally: My understanding is that if I install Roon as a server on a new computer, it will ask me if I want to transfer the server license from the old computer. If I say yes, is all the configuration erased from the old computer? That is, if I transferred the server license back to the old computer, will I be starting from scratch or will the configuration persist and start where I left off?


And… Is there a way to save the configuration and profiles in a way that I can have a transferrable backup? Or in the “cloud”? :smile:

Hiya Miguel. I"m not a dev, but I think I can help.

  1. Roon give you a license for 1 core server and as many remote installations as you want.
  2. The Core and Remotes can be either Mac, Windows and in the future maybe Linux.
  3. Remotes can also be Android and in the future IOS.
  4. You can demote your Core and promote a remote to Core. When you do this, you have to setup new watched folders on the New Core and the new core will then create its own database. If you reverse this process, demote the new Core and promote the old Core back to being a Core all the previous information, including your meta data edits will still be there.
    All meta data updates and music collection information is stored LOCALLY on the Roon Core, not in the cloud.
  5. There is a way to copy the Roon database if transferring to a new Core; I would PM a dev to get the proper procedure if you need to do that. Personally, after the testing phase is done; I’m just going to setup a new Core and let it do its thing from the beginning and redo any metadata changes I’ve made. (which is why I’m not doing a whole lot of version notations).

Thank you Dan.