Roon License Transfer Help Needed


Description Of Issue

I installed Roon ROCK over my HTPC that had my licensed Roon Core.

When I try to start the ROCK I cannot deactivate my old license. (Unauthorize doesn’t do anything)


Hi, @Alex_Chao, sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you, please, describe your network setup and tell if there are firewall rules configured on your network where the issue happens?



Hi Ivan,

The ROCK NUC is plugged directly into a Google Wifi with Ethernet.

No special firewall rules restricting connection of the ROCK.

Additional Background:
My old HTPC’s motherboard died.

I bought a NUC as a replacement and used the old SSD from the HTPC in the NUC

After using the NUC I realized I wasn’t using it for anything besides music, so I decided to go the NUC ROCK route and did so by rewriting the SSD with the ROCK image.

After starting the ROCK and logging in I am getting the license error.

When I click the Unauthorize button nothing happens.

After I restarted the ROCK today it is no longer asking me to unauthorize my previous installation and everything is working correctly now.



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