Roon Life is good

It seems like a lifetime ago that I jumped onto the Roon bandwagon. Starting off, without having even listened, on a lifetime subscription. Simply because I thought these guys, spinning out of the Meridian fold, were on to something and had a proven track record to deliver cool stuff with sooloos.

Now, 4 years, almost to the day, down the line, I have to conclude they delivered, in spades.

Ticking the boxes of what I was hoping to get (awesome UI, multiple streaming services, decent radio, support for devices) and adding much more (mqa decode, backups, extensions).
And, as a very big cherry on the cake: awesome dsp services which, combined with acourate, completes my set.

Life is good. Roon does almost everything I could want for and… its now free. :wink:

Kudo’s to team Roon!


Couldn’t agree more! Roon is excellent and I am very happy with it and my lifetime subscription.


A very refreshing post compared to the “why I’m leaving” topics I often see. Roon exceeds my expectations also and I’m more excited with every new release.


Same here. I’ve been a happy Roon life-timer for over 2 years and I love it. Nothing to complain about: things just work for my needs and interests.

Remote/offline mobile playback is still the missing final feature for me.


My Roon story is that my wife and 13 year old daughter are now using it. I thought this was just going to be a plaything for me!


Agree. I bought lifetime after the 2-week trial and never regretted it. My wife and I built a custom house and I designed the audio system and network infrastructure around Roon.

Shout out to the YouTube channel of Hans Beekhuyzen for introducing me to Roon. I had never heard of Roon prior to watching one of his videos.