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Thanks Henry. What about the devices (amps / speaker / dacs) used? Do they need to be roon ready or tested ? Any restriction on pc or mac For the sampling rate

Thanks ace.

Roon Ready, Squeezebox streamers, Airplay, Chromecast, Linn and running Roon software such as RoonBridge. Functionality is largely similar across platforms used as a core device but there are minor differences such as the limitations of DSD without drivers on Linux and AppleOS machines. It depends on what you like and what you want to do. If you are into Mac then you are catered for as are Windows and Linux users.

In order to listen at a location not directly connected to your Core, you need a Roon Ready streamer, something running Roon Bridge or, basically, anything that can handle RAAT. That can be something as simple as Raspberry Pi running Ropieee or another single board computer running some form of bridging software.

When it comes to everything else, it usually doesn’t matter. Roon Tested means that the hardware has been tested by Roon and is compatible. It also means that Roon may be able to answer questions that you have should you run into problems. However, a large number of DACs, amps etc. work just fine with Roon. I don’t use anything that’s Roon Ready or Roon Tested, just direct connections to my Core and Raspberry Pi’s for playing to other locations.


To be clear, a Roon endpoint needs to be “understood” by Roon, but this is not necessarily the last link in the audio chain.

So, for example, one of my endpoints is a Raspberry Pi 4 using RoPieee, and this connects with my pre-amp using USB. The pre-amp is not, and never will be, Roon Ready or Roon Tested, but this setup works just fine.

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Roon Ready devices are audio devices that include a network interface, i.e., streamer, that Roon certifies. A Roon Tested DAC has also gone though the certification programme, so is automatically configured by Roon.

However, in most instances a non-Roon Tested DAC works with Roon when connected to a USB interface on the Core or a computer running Roon or Roon Bridge. Some manual configuration made be needed.

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Hi, I just tried using roon now after playing some song the song in half way become stutter and like breaking down. What the issue ?

How is your Roon Core connected?
Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet?

Wifi, using remote roon to change song only it happens. Playing local library songs not streaming

I recommend that you make best use of the trial period before committing to Roon, and especially the lifetime subscription. You don’t need to make a decision about lifetime until 30 days after your trial when a yearly or monthly subscription started. See this…

Also, as you encounter an issue, please start a new topic in the #support category.

You may want to check these guides:

PS. Welcome to the Roon community, @Jay_Tan1!

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To be super clear, monthly, yearly or lifetime do not differ in this respect.

A lifetime subscription is not fussier than any of those or the trial version, for that matter. What works during your trial will work with lifetime and other subscription options.

The device running a Roon Core should be connected via wired ethernet rather than wifi. See this article for further guidance:

Following on from @Martin_Webster post, use the trial and then sign up for the monthly option until you are ready to commit to annual or even lifetime

I echo the comment , WiFi is a path to frustration especially if you plan to play hi res or stream hi res

‘“Go wired young man” :joy:


Hi guys, will be connecting a desktop(as roon core) setup for desktop listening as well as how can I put other speakers around my house ?

Will the song quality drop since there won’t be direct connect to my chord qutest at my desktop.

Jay, welcome and I moved your other post to your previous question as they are related and we will probably be help to provide more assistance in your main thread.

The quality of the music should not drop per se, but as remote devices won’t be running from or through the Qutest, other factors may affect how you hear your music in the other locations.

As soon as I tried Roon on a free trial, I knew I was never going to want to use a different interface for my music listening, so a lifetime scrip was a no-brainer.

The one thing that scares me is that the same thing could befall Roon lifers that befell TiVo lifers: the service just might not last all that long. I’m three years into my lifetime scrip, so if Roon were to go broke tomorrow, I’d only be out about $300. But if I bought today and Roon went broke tomorrow, I’d be pretty freaking ticked.

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If Roon went broke tomorrow, 250,000 people would be pretty freaking ticked!

Pleasingly for us all, it seems to be surviving OK at the moment.

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Somewhere is post explaining that situation

Roon would release one last version for local only as far a I remember , obviously only for lifers , obviously all the infrastructure would die . search the forum for it maybe.

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

This is Danny’s post …

He also said that it was not limited to just lifetime members …