Roon lifetime membership

My Roon licence expired after a year of membership payment.
Can pay after deducting the one-year payment amount when I pay for lifetime membership?

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I don’t think so. I believe the lifetime starts the moment you pay for it. They used to credit a month or so left in the annual subscription, but I think that is over now. If you want lifetime, you will likely need to pay full lifetime price.

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If you switch to the lifetime billing option during your free trial, you will be billed $699.99 when your trial ends. If you switch during the first 30 days after a charge for a yearly subscription, you will only pay the difference, $580.11. At any other time, or if you’re switching from a monthly subscription, you will pay the full $699.99. No full or partial refunds will be granted for prior payments.

From the current Pricing page.


Thank you for the good information…I think I found the answer I wanted

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I would go monthly if I were you for now. There’s quite a bit of movement on streaming services market. Amazon and Apple, to name only a those, are attacking Tidal and Qobuz market but Roon supporting only the later. What’s going to happen in a year or two? I feel that Roon must support way more streaming services like BlueOS from Blusound…


The problem for Roon, and Audirvana, is that Apple etc. don’t allow access to their networks like Tidal and Qobuz do. So unless Roon can convince the other streamers to open up, it won’t be getting any better.

Personally. I’ve joined Roon nearly a year ago, and I’ve subscribed for a year. I love it. So I’ll keep my subscription running. However lifetime sub is quite a gamble. Since you’ll need about 6 years or so to break even. That’s a pretty long time.


I felt the same way about lifetime membership in 2018. Here I am easily breaking even on investment.

With 4429 albums and only one piece of missing album art for a Christmas album that came in blank box from Mission, just amazing. Had some help along the way from DBpoweramp and Perfectunes (hundreds of discs ripped as wav no metadata) many out of production.

In the end your choice but if it helps, think its worthwhile. While I grumble once in awhile try to get things fixed I am very satisfied.

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lots of threads on this out there, but I chose lifetime because:

  1. of all the tweaks, upgrades, gear cravings, etc… Roon has made the single biggest difference to my listening habits, resulting in the most enjoyment, and the biggest expansion of my library, than anything else. I’ve discovered more albums and artists in the past three years than ever before, and I can’t put a price on that.
  2. In the grand scheme, when we’re looking at speakers, amps, preamps, DACs, streamers, cables, and other components, $700 seems like a drop in the bucket with respect to much of the gear many of us own in our audio systems. And when I think of all the ridiculous subscriptions I have for video, audio, magazines, newspapers and other services, I can lose sleep pretty easily. Over five years, find a way to save $10 a month on something else. Beer? Pizza? Cigarettes? (Roon was $500 when I did it, so that was a little easier, i will admit)

Anyway, I’ve never regretted it for a minute.


If it’s 500 box, I’ll choose a lifetime away.But $700 is hesitant.


Wait till it’s $1000 as will undoubtedly happen or discontinued.


It’s only going to go up or go away entirely.


It’s been quoted a few times that lifetime will be going soon . Jump now or miss.

I do share the worry that Apple et al will squeeze Tidal and Qobuz out some time . Roon on a local library is still a goer for me

Apple et al will have to provide something like Tidal Connect to make it a proposition. Also what happened to the Apple Music Classical app aka Primephonic? Coming soon but so is Xmas .


I was given a 6 month sub to apple music when Primephonic was bought. So Apple probably thought that Primephonic would be re-badged in those timeframes. Still waiting. There was a lot about Primephonic I liked for Classical.

I did as well I did a few months sub but the difficulty of passing the signal to the main HiFi was an bit of a downer . I finished up with an iPad/Camera kit and a USB lead to the DAC.

We’ll see if Apple do an “Apple Connect” a la Tidal Connect that will make a big difference

I tried Idagio too that’s also very good but the same connection problems

Yes, I can see that remains a USP for roon for many with more exotic kit. But its all in the details. I don’t have RAAT in any of my systems. It’s not a choice. Just turned out that way. Cannot use it with either a Mark Levinson or Buchardt based system.

I really enjoy the bullet proof stability of the active Buchardt system. It’s limited to 96khz but I don’t find myself missing the more accurate ML system that can do 192kz and DSD. The convenience of the Buchardt really trumps for me. It doesn’t do RAAT but I have not had any issues with chromecast or airplay delivery and setup with a variety of players has been straightforward. I find I really like apple music so I am very curious what they will eventually do with their Primephonic acquisition.

An android DAP with line out?

Idagio wasn’t gapless on android last time I looked though, only iOS.

Yes there is a way but a bit messy hence the USB cable from the iPad.

I haven’t tried it on Android but originally they were NOT gapless as you say , tis was fixed quite a while back. I may give it another try.

I already struggle with WAF without bits o wire draping across the media unit :rofl:

How do you use Roon then (or do you ?)

I still mentally struggle as my CXN is a V1 and not Roon Ready so its sits and “gathers dust” unless I use DNLA from JRiver which I do occasionally. It just niggles to see a nice piece of kit being replaced by a RPi

JRiver has the best navigation (as I designed what it looks like :smiling_imp: ) BUT the manual metadata grooming gets to me . I have a long standing neck issue after surgery 15 years ago so I try to minimize my screen time hence auto metadata is boon.

I have just upped my commitment to Roon by going NUC/ROCK a few months back. I would have to re-purpose that with windows if I decided against Roon - not impossible.

Roon actually supports Squeezbox so with an LMS/DLNA bridge you should be able to get any DLNA box to work with roon. They just come up as Squeezebox endpoints. That’s what I mostly do with Mark Levinson. LMS has rez limits but I can get higher rez going via a ROSE 150b or HQPlayer/SoTM server instead.

But TBH I mostly use chromecast with an all-in-one Buchardt active system. It’s “Platin” hub is not roon ready but it comes up as “chromecast inside” on roon. No problems with gapless. With most kinds of music I really don’t notice the differences between the two systems unless I listen hard. The ML system which I use with big B&W 802D monitors has an edge with large forces orchestral and opera but I don’t listen to that sort of music much at home so convenience and WAF wins out.

Ah …

The best I can muster is AirPlay to the CXN, it’s a bit “dull” compared with even the RPi 4 going to the same headphone amp (Audiolab M-DAC ) So I tend to stick with the rpi4.

Negotiations are afoot to acquire a Naim Uniti HE as 99% of my real listening is on headphones, Xmas and Birthday is coming even though 6 months apart :innocent:

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