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Interesting. I wonder what they’ve done. Sounds like Apple Music and Apple Classical will be different. Makes sense. We’ll soon know I guess.

I bought a Nucleus earlier this year and am using the one year subscription that was included. I am planning on paying for a lifetime subscription. When Roon increased the price of the lifetime subscription in the past, does anyone recall if Roon provided notice of the price increase?

I realize that their policy may change, but would appreciate learning from those who have been using Roon for years.

Thank you in advance

From last time. (no advance notice)

If you plan to switch to lifetime, do it now. You don’t save anything by waiting and you won’t live any longer. There is no guarantee there won’t be a price increase tomorrow or lifetime could be discontinued at any time. I doubt there will be any notice.


Jim and xxx

Thank you for the quick responses

I just completed the switch to the lifetime plan


indeed there was an almighty outcry when Roon moved the Life membership last time because they didn’t give advanced notice.

A wise move if you are committed to Roon.

I started Roon trial on a PC and decided to buy the lifetime back in March 2018 (bought nucleus)
I think it was $499 back then. Time flies and now 4 years later it was a good choice.
The longer you delay and the more annual payments you make b4 going lifetime the less of a deal you get. If you like Roon get it , either way you take a gamble, if you get lifetime and it only lasts 2 years you had two expensive years, but if 7 years later you still use it , you won.
Only you can decide as you know your financial circumstances ,
I listen to more music since buying roon than I ever did before so I consider it a very cheap hi-fi upgrade.

edit , see you went lifetime.


I purchased a lifetime subscription after a trial, I play more music now than I ever did.

What I love most about Roon is the radio feature that randomly picks tracks of a similar genre from the library of what your playing, I will put on an album and let Roon do the rest there after, it makes me grab a remote to have look at what artist and song is playing, if I never had Roon I would be playing as I have always done the same old few favourite albums over and over.

I bought a Nucleus that came with a one year subscription that I never used and looked for the best solution for me long term.

I read a reply from Danny about subscriptions and how life time purchases are not good for business, large chunks of money all in one go are not good for long term investment and subscriptions always guarantee a steady business revenue over a longer period of time.

Roons not perfect my iPhone and MacBook crash, it can crash when I browse through artwork when I put my iPhone to one side and reopen it’s not responding but the music never stops!

A lifetime subscription to Roon is the best money I have ever spent, it may go up or they may stop it.

Roon for is for life and I love it for all it’s faults but I intend to get a good few years out of it God willing!



Thank you again for your insight

Your points validate my decision to switch to lifetime last night

Thanks again


Joined in 2017. I was 48 and bought a lifetime membership at $499. Never regretted it.
So yeah, I’m now in the average age bracket of roon users.


My condolences, but it could be worse. :smile:

34 yo here. I bought lifetime 1 year ago. Money spend, not regretting it - why I should?

$499 was a no-brainer.
Would probably still do it at current price.

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