'Roon Light' App

I need a version of the Roon App that I can distribute to the household. Because, basically, I don’t trust the other half or anyone else not to screw up my library by either accidentally deleting files or adding albums I don’t want. I want to allow them access to be able to play music ONLY and nothing else! Has anything like this been created yet please?


Home Assistant gives you Roon integration and then you build a dashboard that can be used with any tablet with just play options for Roon.

Can you search the library though? As it’s not much use if you can’t for what the op I’d after and others. It doesnt need a new app what we need is the profiles to act as proper profiles and like Plex can give users permissions to access and do things.

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You can browse the library. No search though.

Hi @Neill_Strickland,

Various requests for some form of library / settings / config projection have come in over the years … have a read of this topic …

We are told it’s on the roadmap but low priority…

Some users have implemented their own limited display screens have a look in the #tinkering:roonapi section of the forum.

Didn’t know that. That’s pretty neat. I am waiting for @Boris_Schaedler to add library search to itRox.

How do you show/enable this browse view? I don’t seem to have any option to browse, only the control widget to play/pause and skip.

Press that little triangle icon on the right. The browse feature came in 0.118 version, so make sure you have the newest HA.

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This is from 5 years ago!? That really is low priority.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Surely it would be easier to add a few toggle switches on the User Profiles that simply allow and disallow editing?

I’ve been following that five-year-old “Party Mode” feature request thread for… well, at least three years. It’s necessary functionality.