Roon like a remote?


Sorry for my english

I’ve two audio systems. The first one in with a computer + roon + USB DAC = ok
The second one will be with an ethernet DAC (NAS + Ethernet to the DAC + wifi remote by mconnect app.
Do you think it could be possible to use roon like a remote to send music from NAS to the Ethernet DAC ?
Thank you


It depends the Ethernet DAC, what protocol it supports, if it is Roon compatible.

No it’s an Audiomat tempo 2,8, with a NMR Enginerred Ethernet Card

What kind of protocol does it support?
But if they were Roon compatible, they would probably say so.

So then, you would have get an intermediate device, with an Ethernet port in, and a USB or SPDIF output to connect to the DAC.

Protocol ? i don’t know

I know that the ethernet is better than usb…(:

Well, they say that, but it shouldn’t be exaggerated.
I have tested with both Ethernet and usb to my DAC and don’t notice any difference, probably depends on the computer and DAC. But the Ethernet cable reaches into another room, usb is local.

Anyway, “protocol” means what language it talks over the Ethernet cable.
I don’t know anything about your DAC.

But hook them up, if the DAC is Roon compatible, Roon will see it on the Ethernet.
If not, you need an adapter box.

Thank you, maybe it would be better to get a NAS like Innuos who is roon reday and keep the Ethernet solution !