Roon Limits Qobuz Searches

Maybe this has been asked previously, but I am overwhelmed by the number of blogs here on Roon.
Anyhow, I have run a number of searches for composers on Roon in my Qobuz account access looking for a specific album. When a particular album by the composer that I am interested in doesn’t show up in Roon’s Qobuz access, I log directly into my Qobuz account and repeat the search. Holy cow! Sooooo many more results. Why? Is there some issue that Qobuz limits Roon to a limited number of results of their library holdings? It is absolutely ridiculous that I must break out of Roon’s Qobus access and then log into Qobuz, search and find my target album and then save it to my favorites in Qobuz and then go back into Roon and access it in Qobuz favorites where it now shows up. Is this ever going to be improved in Roon?? Why hasn’t it been done already???

I have exactly the same problem and the same surprise! The algorithms have probably been modified to encourage other selections. But they are never the best!

Hi John,

You seem to be describing the difference between the albums you are seeing when you click Albums>More on the search results page, and on the Quboz website. I think that those albums are only meant to represent a small selection of possible results. Although I’m not 100% sure of the criteria for selection, it certainly will include the ablums in your library.

I’m actually seeing more albums in Roon than on the Quboz website. From a composer’s specific page in Roon, then the ‘Discography’ tab:

For George Bizet I see 1795 albums (Composed by).

And we can use Focus to narrow down the overwhelming number of results by Conductors, Performers, Ensembles, etc… and we can also add the album title (or parts of the title we might know) to the Filter.

The Qoboz website has 826 albums (Releases):

Search result for “George Bizet”>Albums>More:

Albums from my library (all 7), plus 25 from Quboz.

I suppose that Albums>More could link to a specific composer’s Discography page if Roon was sure that the search string only returned one composer/artist, but obviously in many searches that is not the case.

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Ah Ok. I see what you mean about composer -------> discography providing many more album selections from the Qobuz library. I did not realize that was available. That is the procedure I will use from now on. So thank you for your very helpful response!

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You’re very welcome.