Roon listening to specific network interface


I’ve a Synology 1515+. Is it possible to confirm Roon to run and listen to only specific network interface?

There is 4 network interface in the 1515+ I’m thinking of having 1 specific interface purely for Roon that has no other network device in the network. Can this be done?

You can’t specify a dedicated network interface in Roon.
It should be possible to assign specific IP address to one of the network interfaces that is outside of your default subnet and give all your Roon players IPs within this new subnet.
But you could still access Roon from your default network. But none of your regular network traffic would interfere with this Roon specific network interface.

PS: I have not tried it and it’s just my assumption. :slight_smile:

Thanks crieke :smile: I’ll go try it out

You’ll also need a switch cnnected to this network interface if you have more than one wired device in your Roon network and i guess another access point for wireless roon devices.
They all need to have static IP addresses within your Roon subnet unless you also install the synology dhcp server and enable it for the Roon interface.

Ok. Currently only 1 device so should be able to do a direct connection

it might be doable in DSM6 where you can specify wich port a Program shall use. (I havent tryed this yet)

But. what you can do to get things abit better is to run Link aggregation.
than each session will use a different NIC
then you also need a switch that supports link agg.

so basicly this is how it works

you start copy something from your nas to computer. then that session will use nic1
if you start play Music that will create Another session will start at NIC 2
and so on. until all 4 nic4 are busy then it starts over at nic1.

this is not a optimal way. but still the est way i found so far.
(im running 2 Synologys both using link agg. and it works really great.