Roon Live Radio no stations stations are playing

Normal Roon streams are ok, it is just Live Radio

@Harold_Nijveen thank you for sharing. It would be helpful if other radio listeners could confirm in the meantime in which regions the problem occurs.

There are only volunteers on the weekend and on Monday the Roon team needs confirmation if a reboot to the router or other ideas we have gathered here have helped.

I’m located in the Netherlands. I tried several geographical locations (USA: some work, Swiss, UK, Netherlands not)

Problem solved. It was a DNS issue.

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What sort of DNS issue would that have been?
Enlighten everybody, please!


More specific it was a DHCP issue. A few weeks ago I changed my network settings not to use my private DNS Resolver anymore. Yesterday, so way beyond the DHCP lease time, I did switch of the server running the DNS resolver. This morning after I noticed the connection issue using Live radio, the Roon Core server was still pointing at my private DNS resolver. I did restart the Roon Core software and I did restart the Roon Core server, somehow it did not request a new DHCP (including the DNS config). I had to setup a static config In Roon server for IP and DNS.
Maybe the Roon team has to rework their DHCP build in the software. It’s not ok that the Roon server does not update the DHCP config. The reason why I could play some stations (USA based only in my limited test): I have no idea.


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