Roon Load Speed after 1.8 upgrade

Hello…this is simply a question based on observation. It is not a complaint, nor intended as a criticism. But I’m curious, since upgrading to 1.8 there is a pause of about 10 - 12 seconds after startup to when I recieve my Roon homepage. I’ve made no changes to my software, hardware or networking environment, other than the Roon upgrade. Prior to the upgrade, I used to see my “Home” screen so quickly, that I didnt even have time to reach the old Roon splash screen with the infamous quotes. Once I’m in Roon, performance is fine, and is comparable to 1.7. So it appears to be only during startup while the screen is white with the moving Roon logo. It’s certainly not an issue, I’m just curious as to why the startup is noticeably slower. BTW…I did do a “re-scan” after upgrade and have used Roon several times since upgrading to insure it simply was’nt “refamiliarizing” itself with things after the upgrade. My environment is a mix of local library (approx 2K albums), Tidal & Quobuz. I don’t use any type of equalization and as mentioned earlier made no other changes in settings that might impact performance.

1.8 utilizes a lot more network sources to populate the Discovery options which could cause a small load time on startup, I think.

Thanks for the info Dan. I suspected that there might be some new services (assumed cloud related) that might be initializing during load…was just curious.

Performance was nice and zippy over the weekend, but today (Monday afternoon California time) it’s borderline unusable. Home page taking 30+ seconds to fully load, Roon radio intermittently misbehaving (not updating queue to show what’s currently playing), and now, discographies simply failing to load with a “discography unavailable” error message.

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I don’t know if this information helps you, but I use Roon Core separately (with Linux OS) and I noticed that when starting the system it becomes operational later in version 1.8 than in 1.7.
So, you might be right and there may be some new services and / or new information processing in the database.

This just started today morning. On the Home page, everything below the “Recent activity” box is not loading. The “dancing Roon logo” appears but nothing else loads even after 5 minutes.

I have ROCK on a NUC 8i7. tried rebooting, reinstalled the OS but no joy. Any thoughts on what is going wrong? All other pages are loading really snappily.

this is happening across clients which makes me think that this is a more likely a ROCK thing.


It’s a new issue, starting a few hours ago. Multiple users have reported this issue.

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Before 1.8, Roon didn’t load your play history into memory until a screen asked for it. During the load, the core is not responsive to other requests for music data, so you could end up with 10 seconds of “loading…” during a screen load or other operation.

As we built more discovery features during the development of 1.8, and particularly the home screen listening dashboard, this was happening more and more frequently, and during these loading pauses the system would feel like it was misbehaving. We decided to move this loading activity to startup, where though it takes a little bit longer, the impact is predictable and limited in scope.j

Hi Brian,
as others have reported I am getting more than a few seconds of “jellyfish” actually a few min and nothing happens below my recently played/added list. Could you pls look into this?

Yeah, it’s almost fixed. Totally unrelated to this thread.

Seems to be fixed just now.

Oops… :sweat_smile:
and Thanks!

Yes. thank you. My bad, I was looking for a similar thread in the “software section” rather than the support section. this was closest.

thanks for the quick fix

Thanks for the clarification Brian. As suspected some new processes/services in the new release. Seems logical to do these upfront in the launch process. Great job BTW with the release & subsequent launch! I find it infinitely easier to do “discovery” now with the repositioning of focus and otherGUI choices made. Ended up spending a couple of fun hours finding new ways to cruise around inside ( and outside) of Roon. Well done!