Roon Lockup's On Windows 10 [ No, This Is Not Solved]

Thanks Daniel @Rugby

Switched to Intel graphics and no lockup’s in past two hours. Fingers crossed. This is on my Dell XPS 15 laptop with Intel and NVIDIA graphics cards.

I posted this as a new thread so it wouldn’t get lost in the longer thread about this issue. This won’t solve everyone’s problem, but might help a lot of people.



Three hours now with no lockup’s. This may be the key, at least for my two graphics card Dell.

EDIT: Four hours and no lockup’s.

Nope, this did not work.

Just got a momentary pause of a second or two.

Problem persists. Windows Roon control device just locked up, then crashed. The Roon app crashed, not my computer.

OK, this time @Rugby suggested I use Windows 7 compatibility mode with Roon. So far, that is working well and MIGHT be the answer.

Nope, not the answer.

Nope, Windows 7 compatibility mode did not help and might even have been worse. I’m done trying things. Roon needs to undo whatever changes caused this problem or come up with a solution.

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Just locked up for 17 seconds on Build 1021.

Locked up again. I had to shut down Roon twice and select a different album to get it “unlocked.” I’ll be glad when Roon solves this.

EDIT: I don’t run in compatibility mode. That didn’t work. I also shouldn’t get the lockups, but I do.

Hi @Jim_F ,

You shouldn’t need to run Roon in compatibility mode. We are investigating this issue in the following thread, but the investigation regarding this is still in progress. Please refer to the following thread for any status updates regarding this, thanks!