Roon login issue and slow login time (ref#JJPHQH)

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Roon Issue Category

Description of Issue

I now have to log in every time I restart my PC. Before I was always logged in. Also, it takes ages to log in - more than 2 minutes.This changed about a month ago.

Roon Server Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Server Specifications

Intel NUC Kit NUC7I7DNH2E, withWestern Digital Green 240 GB Internal SSD M.2 SATA, Green-Performance + 1gb Kingston A400 SSD for music files,

Connected Audio Devices

Node 2i + Naim MuSoQb

Home Network Details

I have fibre which delivers more than 500mbs. The NUC is connected via Ethernet. My Node2i and Naim ar connected via WiFi

Hey @John_Veale,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! Sorry to hear you’re running into login issues with Roon. As a first step, can you confirm you’ve adjusted your mac firewall settings properly?

Here is more information on current firewall settings:

Let me know, thanks! :+1:

Hi Benamin,

Thanks for that. I turned off the Filevault but it didn’t make any difference.

Here are screen shots of what I see when I start the app:

I’m getting another error message sometimes “you are not connected to the Internet” when I clearly am!

I’m really fed up with this.

What if you connect your endpoints by ethernetcabel? Are your server and Mac on the same network?

Hi @John_Veale,

My apologies here, your firewall settings are located in your mac Settings>Network>Firewall

Thank you. Although I knew I had to be on the same network, what I hadn’t realised was that the MESH network I had set up was in WiFi Router mode when it should have been in Access point mode. Your message prompted me to look further.

I have continuing problems with ROON.

Despite no changes to my setup, now every time I try to run ROON, I get the “There was an issue loading your library” message. I can see from Finder that I am connected to the rock server. See screenshot.

Help centre tells me to “Stop RoonServer from running in ROCK’s WebUI”.

However I can’t see a way to access the WebUI.

I did check that the Firewall allowed com.roon.Roon to connect. com.roon.RoonApliance isn’t listed under the firewall exceptions.

I am close to giving up on Roon and canceling my subscription. I have never had problems with any of the software I use. Roon is one problem after another! I love Roon when it works but boy, there are so many problems I see from countless posts.

Hi @John_Veale,

Thanks for following up on your thread, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit another snag! If you’d like, I can enable diagnostic mode on your ROCK and take a closer look into things if you’d like!

If you can, I would make a fresh backup of your database just incase you’re experiencing any hardware-related failures.

Let me know :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you. Yes please enable diagnostic mode and take a look.

How do I backup my database?

Please see the files on Rock on screenshot.

Hi @John_Veale,

Here is more info on how to create backups:

With that, could you either boot up your ROCK and open Roon to connect to our servers, or please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?


I have sent over the logs. BTW, I am also regularly getting the error “Are you online?Please check your internet connection” I am always on line.

Hey @John_Veale,

Thanks for sending those over! The good news is we’re not seeing any signs of hardware failures. We are seeing a handful of 403 errors, which could potentially point to firewall restrictions.

If you temporarily disable firewall on your Mac, do your issues persist?

Are you able to simplify your network setup, and hardwire your ROCK via ethernet directly to your primary router?

Disabling the firewall didn’t make any difference.
My ROCK was connected directly to my primary router, and when I connected it to my mesh router, Roon worked. However, today, I am back to seeing “There was an issue loading your library” message, every time I try to start Roon.

Hi @John_Veale,

Thanks for the update -

To confirm, this is occurring when connected to the mesh router?

Upon a second review of your ROCK diagnostic report, we see a potential sign of early stages of SSD failure. Specifically, it looks as if the Operating System M.2 SSD is experiencing hardware failure.

One option you have in this situation would be to purchase a new M.2 SSD, and then flash + install the RoonOS onto the new SSD. If this is something you’d be interested in performing, here is our help article on the process.You would start from step #3 onward :

Yes, this is happening when connected to the MESH router. I don’t see any indication that the SSD is failing. When I connect to ROCK through my network, it loads instantly. I can see all the files on the SSD immediately, every time. That doesn’t seem to show any problem with the SSD.

Hi @John_Veale,

My apologies - the drive specifically is the SDA1 drive : KINGSTON SA400S3 61K1 PQ: 0 ANSI: 51

Have you experienced any similar behavior to this over the last 5 days?

Do you by chance have another device you could temporarily test to run Roon Server on? It would be good to confirm Roon can function properly within your local environment.

I have set up ROON server on my iMac and used storage in the internal SSD on the ROCK which is connected through the mesh network.

It is working perfectly, but the problem with this setup is that I have to have my Mac powered up to use ARC.

How sure are you that the SSD really is the problem and that if I change it all will be well?

Also, do I need to have a screen connect to my ROCK to be able to flash/install on the new ssd? I don’t have a screen.

Hi. The Kingston SSD is the one on which all my music files are stored and with Roon installed on my Mac instead of the NUC, everything is working perfectly which proves there is no issue with the SSD, because Roon is accessing it for the music files. What exactly did you see in the logs that makes you think the ssd is beginning to fail? Anyway, clearly this is not the problem!

Hey @John_Veale,

It’s not possible to confirm this is the source of your issue - I thought it important to mention no matter. Sometimes there can be no signs of symptoms of the earlier stages of SSD failures. For now, I would make sure you keep multiple backups for safekeeping.

I’m glad to hear the performance is feeling better on your Mac. Did you restore from a backup during this process, or did you start with a fresh database and re-import your local library?

I stared afresh. Still working well, but I would like to use the NUC instead of my Mac. What do you suggest?