Roon loop functionality questions

Hi folks, I have some related questions on this Looping business:

  1. I do not see the Loop icon in the player control panel at the bottom. How do I enable this?
  2. When I’m playing a radio station, there is a message:
    “Roon Audio Paused when loop is on” Please explain what this means.
  3. Why is the Next icon greyed out?

Thanks for clearing this up for me…


  1. The loop icon is towards the top of the queue page, click it to change the modes:
  1. When looping is active the queue never ends, hence Roon Radio never has to select the next track.

  2. The next icon is greyed out, when there is no next track to skip to …
    (Last track of queue is playing AND looping is disabled AND Roon Radio is disabled).
    When this last track has played the music will stop.

hi @Carl, yes, i can see the Loop icon in queue.
but when i play a live-radio station, that icon is disabled and so,
it seems only way to go to Next is to stop the radio and then, i have to select
some music track and start the play.
that’s kind of cumbersome and i don’t quite see the logic behind it, if there is one.

if there are items in the queue, i should have full control.
but when a live station is played, roon decides to enable looping and disable the control…

You can’t skip or loop an internet radio station it’s a continuous stream in Roon, it does not have tracks markers etc available to skip or loop. If your referring to Roon Radio which is not a station but an algorithm which chooses tracks based on the last track played then Carl has covered that.

I’m coming from LMS (Logitech Media Server) where the queue may contain music tracks along with radio stations. And I could easily skip from radio station to music track and vice versa. That to me was intuitive.
Yes, I understand the difference between Roon Radio and internet radio. Former works great and I like it a lot. It’s latter we are talking about.