Roon loose audio devices, reconnect only after reboot qnap

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TVS-473, QTS 4.5.1, 32GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FRITZ!Box 7583 no VPN
Auralic Ethernet
Bluesound Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

11/08 20:29:15 Trace: [raat] Endpoint discovered: Sooloos.Audio.Raat.DiscoveryData
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Initializing RoonReady Device
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Address:
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Port: 35089
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] IsDev: False
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] UniqueId: 7d81dd2e-a4ea-407a-a5c0-BC3400A0407A
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] ProtocolVersion: 3
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Version: 9.3
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] RaatVersion: 1.1.38
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Model: VEGA_G1
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] Vendor: AURALiC
11/08 20:29:15 Info: [raat] VendorModel: AURALiC VEGA_G1

Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i over Wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I boot every morning my qnap. Sometimes roon loose after a few seconds my audio devices. During the day this don’t happen.
Restart roon does not solve connection problem. Only after reboot qnap again, connect is successful again.

I can deliver you the logfiles (success and failure).

11/08 20:29:21 Warn: [raat_ll/client] [AURALiC VEGA_G1 @] failed to connect No route to host
11/08 20:29:21 Trace: [raat] [AURALiC VEGA_G1 @] => ConnectionFailed
11/08 20:29:21 Trace: [raat] [AURALiC VEGA_G1 @] client connection failed. Retrying in 500ms

Hi @Markus_Binder,

Thanks for the update! Could you please reproduce the issue and share the specific date, time and name of the track playing when the issue occurs?

Once you let me know this info, I’ll go ahead and enable diagnostics for your account so I can review the logging for clues.

If you’d rather do it yourself manually, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

Also, please make sure you are up to date across your server and roon devices.


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your support. I have updloaded some logfiles. One is with the failure and one how roon works fine.

But I think it is a qnap network problem. I have a second extended 10G network card inside. Maybe this cause the problem sometimes.

But perhaps you can identify my problem or you can make roon more resilient.

Many thanks and

Best regard

I think I have found my problem. My switch was in false subnet. I will report if problem come back.

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