Roon looses access to music files

I’m using roonserver on a headless windows machine. My music is stored on a firewire raid drive attached to different computer (a mac mini) on the same router. Both machines have static IP addresses. I’ve set up the locations of my music (stored in three different folders on the raid drive) in the storage tab in settings. Roon then imports the files and all works well until roonserver fails to find those folders. This can happen because the raid drive didn’t mount on the mac or roonserver looks for the files before the raid drive mounts. If this happens no amount of computer restarts or disable/enable for the folders help. Roonserver never finds the files again. The only fix appears to be setting up the folders all over again. When I do this all of the files have to be reimported. This seems like a bug to me. Why doesn’t roon notice that the files are there when the volume mounts…when clearly it can recognize them when I reassign the folders? I can reproduce this if you need a log file to help fix the code.



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