Roon looses connection to shared folder

Synology 716+, put Roon server on a USB3 stick, attached to the NAS. Put my music on a 2 TB SSD, attached to the NAS.

Some time, everything works smoothly but out of a sudden Roon looses the connection. Seems that the NAS renames the shared folder, for example, from “usbshare” to “usbshare2”, and then Roon doesn’t recognize it any longer AND doesn’t show it with the new name on the folder list to re-add.

Please help, since my Roon test is less a week now. I really like Roon but I have to have it run on the NAS.


Well, a couple of comments.

  1. The minimum CPU specification for Roon is an i3, that NAS seems to be a Celeron.
  2. [quote=“Franz-Josef_Knelange, post:1, topic:206344”]
    Roon server on a USB3 stick
    This is not a good thing to do, imho. The database needs an SSD. USB sticks do not have error correction and can fail, especially with the amount of read/writes the database is doing. I think you are setting yourself up for a future failure. I would suggest the database be on the SSD (2TB is overkill so a smaller one), and your music should be on the main NAS drives.

Can you explain this requirement?

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Thx Daniel, I read elsewhere on this form that I should not run the server nor the music files on spinning disks, so I took a 64 GB USB Stick for the server and a 2TB USB SSD for the music files and attached them to my Synology SSD.

If it is fine to let the music files stay on the NAS disks, fine.

And to your question: I have to run Roon on the NAS because it is the only device running 24/7.

Does that make sense?


PS: 4 days left :slight_smile:

I had Roon Core running on a DS713+ for years without any problems. The number of tracks I have is relatively small as well as my database.

My advice is to install the Roon Core package on the spanning disk(s). The Roon database should be installed on the SSD drive. Store the music files in the music folder also in the spinning disk(s).

This setup works best.

Good luck.

Thank you, Alfred!

Going to implement it the way you suggested and it seems to work … have to wait another 12 hours until copying is over, but Roon finds and plays what’s already there.

The plan with the external USB SSD was that, when I’m on the road, I could simply detach that SSD from the NAS and use it with Audirvana on my Laptop. Seems it doesn’t work that way.


To close this point I wanted to say that my 7 year old DS716+ became unstable und I had to replace it. I got a 720+, added 16GB of RAM and 2 m2.ssd - not as cache, but as data volume. On that SSD I put the Roon database, the server and the music files are on the spinning disks. That setup works very well. So it might simply have been the limited power of the 716+ causing the problems.

BTW, I come to like my roon-on-nas more and more, a few days ago I detected “bliss”, that does a lot of good things to your music library and, once set up, runs automatically on the NAS.

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