Roon loses control of HQplayer

Chord Dave directly connected to PC. Roon loses control of HQPlayer intermittently. I have Roon defaulted to WASAPI as previously recommended. Sorry I am a newbie but not sure what that would achieve if using ANSIO driver through HQPlayer? I have re-installed the ANSIO driver. My chord Dave is default player and has exclusive control option ticked. I have paid for the full version of HQplayer and it is registered. Should I change to WASAPI driver in HQplayer? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you.

Whilst waiting for Roon’s support team, let me tag @jussi_laako he may be able to assist with the HQP settings.

It is recommended to not set the DAC as default output on Windows (or macOS for that matter).

You should use ASIO driver in HQPlayer. And also remember to make sure that neither WASAPI nor ASIO driver is enabled as output zone in Roon. Otherwise Roon and HQPlayer will conflict.

Do you have HQPlayer license key successfully installed? Does HQPlayer title bar display your name?

Yes HQPlayer does have my name at top and license keep was successfully installed. I did have DAC as default so will correct that and see what happens. Thank you.

I now have my DAC as default and all zones disabled. It still cuts out after a series of interference clicks like something is trying to stop it working. I run other apps such as google, microsoft Edge and Citrix whilst listening to music so not sure if that has anything to do with it. I have my dac set up in the Sound Control Panel set to 2 channel 32bit 96000khz (studio quality) and both of the ‘exclusive mode’ boxes ticked. My default sound device is now my arctic headphones. I really can’t see anything that would be causing a problem. In the event box I have ‘Device USB\VID_245F&PID_0815\413-001 requires further installation’. Could this be the problem? I have re-installed the driver but I still see this error message. Would re-loading Roon or HQplayer make a difference?

Update: I have completely de-installed and re-installed driver chord driver. Last time it ‘repaired’ rather than was completely taken off PC but the error message is still in the event log. It was running stable until I opened Microsoft Edge to update case on Roon community website and the sound quickly started breaking up and it shut down again. I press play on Roon and the play button on HQplayer flashed on and off and nothing happens until I re-boot HQplayer and then it is fine for a while again. The warning flashes up on Roon that it has lost connection with HQplayer.

PS I have a 10850k intel cpu and 3080 graphic card. I have my DAC plugged into a Audioquest Jitterbug usb sound filter which is plugged directly into PC.

Are you using ASIO driver now? Did the Chord driver have driver control panel where you could adjust buffer settings?

You could also try with the WASAPI driver and set “Buffer time” in HQPlayer settings to 100 ms.

Seems to be completely stable now after 4 hours of listening. As advised by you I stopped my DAC from being the default device but only in sound device panel. I hadn’t also simply changed it under ‘choose your out put device’ in the windows settings screen. Sorry I wasn’t aware there was two places to change it. Fingers crossed it’s now ok. I will re-log if it becomes a problem again. Thank you again for your help.

Ahhh! Still happening. Sorry in answer to your question. There doesn’t seem to be a driver control panel for chord ansio to change buffer settings. Really frustrating. The unregistered version was better. At least I got 30 mins of uninterrupted music before it cut out.

It seems to be just Tidal and Radio streaming. My own database of music on my PC seems to play completely ok without interruption. I have all zones disabled in Roon and my DAC not as default. It starts with a breakup of sound then Roon loses connection with the HQplayer. It seems like something else is probably accessing my DAC apart from the HQplayer.

I completely disabled my DAC in sound setting in windows and weirdly the DAC is still playing with Roon so maybe this is where the clash originates. I would have thought that it would stop it working. So the DAC has been disabled as a windows device but is still accessible by HQplayer and Roon. Therefore the DAC was being shared and therefore a clash was created possibly. I would have assumed that any disabling of DAC in windows would completely disable it for Roon. Does anybody have an explanation for this? Meanwhile I will see if I get stability from this change.

HI there. As you suggested I changed HQplayer to the WASAPI driver and 100ms buffer time. It still cuts out intermittently but with none of the initial sound interference which usually accompanies it. All my zones in Roon are disabled. Under the events section of my DAC in device settings there is an error message which says the following:

Device USB\VID_245F&PID_0815\413-001 requires further installation

I have reinstalled the DAC drivers but this still continues to show. Something to do with it perhaps?

First thing you need to make sure it is not Windows default audio device, but something else is set as a default.

And second you need to disable the device from Roon settings, which may show both WASAPI and ASIO driver interfaces for it.

If sound breaks up during other system activity, buffer is too small for latencies posed by Windows. For WASAPI you can adjust “Buffer time” in HQPlayer settings. 100 ms should be enough. For ASIO you should primarily adjust this from the driver control panel and leave HQPlayer set to “Default”. Secondarily you can adjust from HQPlayer side, but this may not work (depends on the driver).

One thing to note that ASIO drivers for Amanero sourced interfaces always use fixed buffer size, which is pretty small for higher output rates, and cannot be adjusted by any means.

Problem solved. Being a newbie to this I made the mistake of deleting JRiver and my Tidal software without detaching them from the DAC in their settings. I was mistaken to think just deleting the software would be enough. But the DAC still thought it was connected to the deleted software. So after re-loading the software and changing the settings in the old software to default to another sound output I have had no problems. So top tip for other newbies…make sure you change the settings in your other music software before you try to use Roon or HQplayer. Thank you for your help Jussi. Music sounds wonderful through HQplayer,Take care.

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The problem continued until I abandoned the ANSIO driver completely for the WASAPI. Now completely stable. Admittedly Jussi suggested this but I had to find it out for myself. I’m stubborn that way. :wink:

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