Roon loses my library every time I shut down

I have my music in two folders, one is a Synology NAS (using SMB with Mac Files services turned off) running on a PC with Windows 10) and the second is a separate internal hard drive containing only music files. Both show up properly on the watched folders list, but after every shutdown they show zero in available albums. If I delete them and start over they work fine (however given that I have over 9,000 tracks, it takes more than a full day for Roon to analyze the file every time I reboot).

Since I often need to restart the computer once or twice a week, this can’t continue as its hogs far too many resources constantly rebuilding the entire set of folders.

I have read through the other suggested topics but I have either already made the changes recommended there or they are not relevant. I also do not understand what the issue with the files being watched on the fixed drive are.

Hey @sdolezalek – that definitely sounds wrong. I’m going to follow up via PM to get some more information, and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks Mike. Couple of additional things. First, if I add new files to either of the watched folders they show up as new albums, but none of the old albums appears (so the folders are correctly being watched). Secondly although I have integrated Tidal, after restart my Tidal playlists are also gone, but they reappear if I set up a brand new watched folder.