Roon loses output device in OSX

My set up is:

Synology DS413J, (affectively all music is AIFF/AIF files), ethernet to

Mac Mini 3.2GHz 6 core i7, 16Gb RAM, OSX 10.15 running Roon core, via USB to

Audiophilleo V1.36, running in direct mode, 0dB gain via SPDIF to

Bryston BDA-1 DAC, via XLR to

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600, (or Marantz via airplay) audioquest cables to

B&W 805D3’s and single Velodyne SPL1000R sub

Happily playing an album, change album and Roon has lost connection to my output device (Audiophilleo). Mac has it, but Roon does not.
Roon has identified an airplay device, but not the direct connected device.
Quit Roon and open again - same issue - “Select an audio device”

Is this as a result of upgrading to Catalina or to the B475 or is it maybe both?

Hi @Mark_Stewart,

If you temporarily disable the firewall on your Mac is there any change?

Apologies, I replied to you yesterday from my email account, but have received a delivery error. I assume that all correspondences must go through the Roon site?
I replied that it occured after B475, OSX was updated a few weeks ago.
However, a bit more investigation this morning:
With Roon quit,
If I go to Preferences and click on Sound, it will not load. All other items will load. I go to Force Quit and Preferences is listed as “Not Responding”. If I quit Preferences and go to Audio Midi then same thing occurs - “Not responding” and I have to force quit.
A reboot seems to have fixed the issue - at least for now…

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