Roon losing albums

I don’t understand what’s going on with Roon, it’s been great for months and now I’m literally losing access to my albums. Lately when I open Roon up I have to force a rescan of my main music folder on my NAS that’s supposed to be watched by Roon.
Just today I forced a rescan and it literally ‘lost’ over half my collection that I previously had imported months ago. I’m missing thousands of albums I previously imported, I just don’t understand what’s going on here. Seems like every time I have to force a rescan it ends up severely changing what it does and does not ‘find’ for my collection.

Hi @Makisupaman – we’ve found and resolved a few bugs related to how Roon imports content from NAS drives. These fixes will go live with our 1.2 release soon.

For now, we should confirm that what you’re experiencing is related to the issues we’re aware of, as opposed to something new. Can you let me know the details of your setup?

I’d also be interested to know how you have the NAS configured in Roon – are you watching a a share mounted in your operating system, or is Roon logging into your NAS directly?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Hi Mike
Thanks for the quick reply, I’ve had so few issues for the last 8 months and now seems like things are regressing…anyways this may be completely related to the bugs you’ve mentioned. Here are my setup details as requested:
Roon Version 1.1 (build 102) stable (64 bit)
OSX Ver 10.10.5
Macbook Pro 13" 2.9GHz i7, 8Gb RAM
Storage Synology DS214play currently setup to log directly into my NAS (smb://PC-NAS.local/Music). Strangely though Roon won’t connect to the NAS as smb://PC-NAS and requires the .local which I don’t understand.

Let me know where to go with this, as stated I’m missing a HUGE part of my collection now

.local is an OSX thing, not specific to Roon. OSX can’t resolve my NAS without it either.

Has anything changed on your network @Makisupaman?

Without .local you’re depending on the DNS server configured on your Mac to resolve the IP address of the Synology, but with .local added you’re going to be using mDNS. Everything about this sounds like a networking issue, similar to what I would expect if your router’s DNS server wasn’t configured properly.

I’d also be surprised if this was causing the missing albums, but I would start with rebooting the router and switches, and confirming that everything is using sensible DNS settings. If you need some help confirming that, let me know and I can walk you through it.

Either way, I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on with the missing albums @Makisupaman! Sorry for the trouble!

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Unfortunately no, I’ve rescanned the NAS and am still missing a WIDE swatch of my collection. Most concerning is that many of the albums missing were previously imported and indexed months ago…not sure what’s going but frustrating.

Sorry for the slow response here @Makisupaman. I’m going to follow up via PM and grab some logs from you so we can get a better sense of what’s going on here.

I’d echo @Makisupaman on this observation ~ 55,000 tracks yesterday all nicely organized and reflected in Roon, today down ~ 500 albums and sitting around 44,000 tracks. Ouch.

No changes on the network. I can supply details @mike although we’ve already started talking about the metadata issue over at albums missing thread.

Should be:

Albums: 3,738
Tracks: 54,429

I’m guessing the Roon metadata database has corrupted itself? Currently Roon claims to have:

Albums: 3,013
Tracks: 44,772

I was worried when I found out Roon was using text files to manage the database - they tend to be susceptible to corruption when the data sets grow.

Ever get the impression you’re talking to yourself?

To resolve the issue, I removed the shared folder then added it back - watched the album and track count return to their proper levels.

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I’m pretty sure they have found an issue with the Mac version that’s going to be fixed in 1.2. Are you on a MAC? If so there isn’t much that can be done until the update comes out.

Mac indeed @DrTone

I am still seeing albums disappear under 1.2 on OS X using Synology NAS over samba (auto mount) as I reported earlier. It seems to happen less but today it happened. I exited the app as it was counting down albums and restarted it. It then started adding them back.

Hey @John_Carbajal – is this happening repeatedly? Does anything seem to trigger it, like restarting Roon or your NAS?

We can take a deeper look, but I’d like to try to reproduce the issue in house, so the more info you can provide the better. Just let me know if this was a one-off, or if you’re seeing this with any frequency, and we’ll make sure we get it worked out.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!