Roon losing connection to audio device

Hmm, it might be a good idea to layout the audio chain in specifics, from what you posted the chain which works is this…

RoonServer >ethernet>SOTM 200 ultra>USB>200 ultra usb cleaner>USB>SRC DX usb to BNC adapter>DUAL BNC>Chord TT2

And, the chain with HQPLayer is the same except it is [RoonSever local to HQPlayer>Ethernet] to start things off.

And when you mean losing connection, you mean the Roon loses the connection to HQPlayer, meaning that it shows “No Output Zone”?

There have been a couple of updates to both. I would verify that you indeed have the latest of each program. If you, eliminate Roon and just use the HQPlayer Client and play Qobuz tracks, do you loose connection?

Also, it might be a good idea to see if @jussi_laako has any ideas or suggestions.

HQPlayer log of this happening could be useful.

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Hey @Ryan_Sayce,

I see that you mentioned being on the latest version of HQPlayer but wanted to confirm that and pass along these recent build notes from 911

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Hi, I can add HQP logs the next time it does it.
Roon is currently at version 913 and HQP is at 4.17.1

Just to be extra clear
Nuc is running Roon server and HQP desktop, my SOTM 200 Ultra then either runs as a Roon or HQP endpoint, it then outputs via usb to the sotm 200 ultra usb cleaner which then outputs to a SRC-DX which converts the signal to dual bnc which goes into the back of my TT2.

I am only getting issues when I have HQP selected in SOTM and not Roon, it says something like Roon lost control of the audio device (I gave the exact error msg in the first post and I can’t remember it off hand).

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I am having trouble locating the HQP log in windows 10, where should I look and what will it be called?

You can find it from folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\HQPlayer
file is called HQPlayer4Desktop.log

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I must be doing something stupid as I am in that folder and there is no log file, there is

but no log file, logs is ticked under settings as well.

I have shared my room log files if you scroll up to my first comment, if you can’t access them then let me know.


Thisis probably the log file, but you have Windows File Explorer set to hide file extensions. You can change this from Control Panel → Folder options.

Here is the HQP log, thanks again for the support.

Yes, I checked and everything is the latest, Roon is build 913 and HQP is 4,17.1
I have also added HQP logs along with Roon onto my google drive for you.

Hopefully between these logs we can work out what is wrong.

# 2022/03/06 10:55:18 clStreamReaderHTTP::Execute(): clStreamReaderHTTP::Execute(): read timeout
  2022/03/06 10:55:23 End of track
& 2022/03/06 10:55:23 Next  (0)
  2022/03/06 10:55:23 Idle request
- 2022/03/06 10:55:23 Control ended from
  2022/03/06 10:55:27 Stop request (tail)
& 2022/03/06 10:55:27 Stop...

This is where it goes wrong. For some reason Roon stops sending data and as result HQPlayer concludes it as premature end of track. And Roon thinks someone else stopped playback and drops the control connection.

Any idea how to fix it?

What kind of source is this? Where is the source content stored? If Roon is not able to fetch the source content fast enough, there could be glitch providing data to HQPlayer.

This could actually make sense as it only seems to happen in Roon radio, almost all of my music is stored on a cheap external USB HDD that seems to take ages to spin up. So if Roon radio has been streaming from say Qobuz and the next track it wants to play is on the USB HDD it then has to wait for the HDD to spin up and that could then cause a time out.

Yes, also in case Roon buffers enough data (or OS HDD cache) that the HDD goes to sleep during track’s playback and when next track comes, the HDD needs to spin up again.

On macOS I have disabled HDD sleeps for similar reason…

I have ordered a couple of ssds, I will let you know if that solves the problem.

It’s still doing it even with a nvme and two crucial ssds connected and my old mechanical unplugged. I have added updated logs for both Roon and HQP in case that is of any help, you don’t need to go through the logs to find it as I uploaded them once I noticed it Roon had stopped playing so they should be the last entry.

Any help would be appreciated as this is driving me nuts.

I also made sure my sotm 200 ultra network player was on version 4.2.0 naa

It would help if I actually provided the link.

Hi @Ryan_Sayce,

Can you try to play both local files and streaming music to the system output of your NUC and let us know if you still have these issues? Are you using a VPN while using Roon? Thanks!