Roon Losing Connection to Audio Devices and Play Stops

Core Machine

MAC Book Pro (2021) using the Apple Chip

Network Details

Xfinity Router - use a Luxul Switch - Core is plugged via ethernet (through a uni “c” to “ethernet” converter directly in the Luxul switch , which is plugged with ethernet cord directly into the router.

Audio Devices
Multiple Airplay receivers - multiple Sonos connect zones working of Sonos amps.

Currently about 600 albums

Description of Issue

2 issues - in the last several days, the core has lost connection with all but one of my listening zones and my iPad/iPhones say “cant find the core”. I can correct by going to the core and unplugging and replugging in the ethernet connection (described above)

Over the last several days I’ve had several instances of songs stopping playing mid track.

I love Roon and last week bought the lifetime membership - ironically these problems started occurring within days (Yikes). I’m about to install a audiophile level dedicated 2 channel room with its own streamer and was/am planning to change my core to a nucleous - but before adding that yet additional investment (in the nucleous) I want to make sure we can resolve these problems.

It occurred to me it could “possibly” be the “c” to ethernet converter - but presumably if that is an issue it would be a “known” issue by now since laptops rarely have ethernet ports these days.

Please advise. Thanks

Is the Luxul switch a managed switch? They have been known to cause problems with Roon (and I speak from bitter experience).See also:

Thank you Geoff - this looks like very helpful information. I’m going to share it with the audio company designing my 2 channel system (who is also familiar with my home network set up) - I have a very large home with over a dozen music zones and numerous fixed/wired access points to ensure wifi coverage everywhere, Its possible there could be some configuration issues there I suppose (although ill note that i use Sonos in all those zones without issue and my wifi everywhere is strong). Ill find out whether the switch is managed or not (and if so, will sort through the recommendations in what you sent me). I have a similar set up on my florida/winter home so and was planning to bring the nucleos there during that season so I guess i need to get to the bottom of “the issue” in case it presents there as well. Best, Brian

I have a iMac i7 running BigSur 11.4 and the Roon Core is on a Qnap NAS. It was working fine, but after the latest update, Roon cannot detect the iMac as an audio device.

Super helpful Geoff. Changed the plug in spot in my switch, replaced the Ethernet cable and updated my Mac operating system. Fingers crossed but I’m 4 hours into great music again on roon!

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