Roon losing connection to Flex and Powernode

Hi, I recently installed Roon. I use 2 Pulse Flex and 1 Powernode. When I use the BluOS app I usually have the Bluesound devises grouped but I noticed that Roon then lost the connection to 1 or 2 of the devices. I had to unplug them and wait for Roon to find the again.

Now this error starts to occur more in random and sometimes I have to unplug the devices several times, even do the setup again in Roon. Anyone that have had similar problems and can suggest a way around it?

Shouldn’t I use the BluOS app when I use Roon?


I have two Pulse Flex 2i speakers paired in stereo mode and, while they’re perfectly happy when used with the Bluesound app, they’re utterly useless when controlled via Roon and have never managed to last beyond two songs before the connection is dropped.

No idea whether it’s a fault at Roon or Bluesound’s end, but I can’t see how their products can retain their Roon Ready status with this kind of performance

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Hi Jay, thank you for your reply. Now I know I am not the only one with this problem. I will ask both Bluesound and Roon support if they have any solution, I guess the problem is on Bluesounds side, though.
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Hello Gentlemen,

I’ve had this problem as well. I’ve worked extensively with Roon to get them to look at it, after eliminating assigning the blame to my network/system, they’ve moved the problem to have QA look at it. It’s been a while and there’s been no progress. There is most definitely an issue. I’ve resorted to just using the BlueOS app (which works fine) as the problem is too frequent to just be a minor annoyance. I do hope they will work on it, it’s easy to reproduce. Here is a link to my discussion with @support:

Roon Losing Connection to Bluesound

Also, I noted that this morning BlueSound released new firmware, there are no release notes up and I’ve not had time to see if anything has changed.

Good luck to us all!

Hi John,

I appreciate your input and agree that is indeed an issue for us users. I am in contact with Bluesound support and we will see what somes out of that. As you mention, maybe the firmware update will help.

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As an update, the Bluesound firmware update has not made any improvements, the issue remains unchanged.

Good luck! I hope you are able to make progress with Bluesound support.

Just referencing this in case it’s relevant:

Hi Joe,

Thank you for message. I am in contact with Bluesound support and I will forward your issue to them.

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Hi @Jorgen_Ekelund1,

I have also opened a support ticket with Bluesound. After they confirmed that the unit works fine using just the Bluesound App and the problem is limited to Roon, I feel I’ve been lost in the crack between the two companies.

Bluesound claims (correctly) it works with their app on the exact same network as Roon, hence it must be Roon. Roon claims that they have many customers using Bluesound endpoints without trouble so it must not be Roon.

Every time I press the issue I’m pushed back into a network diagnostic exercise - which candidly is a waste of time given the established fact pattern. Please let me know if you make any progress.

Also, it appears (though I can’t be certain) that Roon does not have Bluesound 2i units in house for testing and is relying on forward compatibility from older units. The 2i units have a completely new wireless/network hardware/software stack so presumption of forward compatibility is a stretch.

I guess the only hope is to wait for future releases of Roon and hope they inadvertently fix it. Not very comforting.

Here is the support thread with all the details…

Hello @c2c2c2, @Jorgen_Ekelund, and @Joe_C,

Just to clarify, we have the entire Bluesound 2i lineup in-house. The 2i certification was not done using the previous generation hardware.

We continue to investigate all reports of Bluesound issues when being used with Roon, and we have been told by the Bluesound team that they are looking into this as well.

We will be reaching out to all users experiencing issues with their Bluesound devices shortly for updates on the status of our investigation.


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That’s good to hear. In conversations with Bluesound and chatter in these forums I did not have the impression that an active investigation was underway. Rather my impression was that these various & related reports were being dismissed as stemming from idiosyncrasies of individual users’ networks and therefore not a Roon issue.

Have you been able to reproduce any errant behavior? Up to this point, it was my understanding that Roon has been unable to see or reproduce anything.

cc: @mike

To illustrate this point… here is the reply from Bluesound’s support team:

The error messages you are seeing in the Diagnostic Log are Roon Network related which makes this difficult for us to troubleshoot.

As you mentioned in your last email since the issues only occur when using Roon please contact Roon directly to see if they can provide any further assistance in resolving this matter.

Sadly this ping pong around support issues has been a feature of the Bluesound/Roon relationship for at least the last couple of years…I had rather hoped that Roon’s help to Bluesound with the last firmware would have put paid to all this…but perhaps not. I hope that things are resolved for you.

Thank you @dhusky.

I also contacted Bluesound about the issues and they have been dismissive, condescending and completely unhelpful. Avoid their products if Roon is your main usage pattern, I wish I had.

Many thanks in advance for responses from the experts on the forum.

My current system is using Sonos in multiple rooms, including my main listening room. But my processor can’t be grouped with Sonos. And Sonos doesn’t support high res files. So my plan was to move to Bluesound for multiple rooms, and couple that with a Roon approved DAC in my main listening room.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on the explanation on the Roon site, I assume that I can group any Bluesound devices with any Roon-approved DAC in a RAAT zone – correct?

For example, I’ll be able to group Bluesound devices in other rooms with the dCS Bartok Headphone DAC or with the T&A DAC 8 DSD? Or any other specific model of DAC that is listed by Roon as having their seal of approval?

I ordered two Bluesound Node 2i and one Pulse 2i to try out Bluesound. I made sure that I can return all three with no questions asked as a standard precaution.

I’m glad I did, as found this thread tonight after placing the order. My conclusion is to try it out and see if I can get Bluesound to work OK with Roon. But I take the above warning to heart, and if I can’t get it to work fairly quickly out of the box, the Bluesound components will be returned.

It is unfortunate that Sonos isn’t Roon approved and doesn’t work with RAAT. Because Sonos excels at being user friendly, and in most situations, it just plain works.

I’m hoping that Bluesound will work as reliably as Sonos. That means I can have a multiple room setup, coupled with a Roon-approved DAC in my main listening room.

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Please keep us posted with how things are going Allan :slight_smile:

@c2c2c2 @Jorgen_Ekelund FWIW my issues resurfaced shortly after I made my last post. Must have just been luck of the day :slight_smile:

Anyway, I sent back the Bluesound and bought some IKEA Symfonisks. The sound quality isn’t quite on par but it’s only for our bedroom so it’s perfectly adequate.

I bought 2 for the bedroom and 2 for the kitchen and still had money left over vs what I’d paid for the Bluesound, so it was a no-brainer really.

Works perfectly, too, even over WiFi. Weird :weary:

Anyway, hope you guys get sorted soon.