Roon Losing Sync on Track Changes

Hi @Shayne_Hodge

I’m sorry for the delay here ---- We’ve had some folks out of the office, but I have a meeting scheduled with our gear experts to talk about our findings. Once we’ve met with them we will follow up ASAP!

Thanks. I’ve also ran AIMP on a playlist for over 24 hours at this point with no problem, so both VLC & AIMP can play extended periods of time without this happening on the same hardware.

One more data point. I set up a long playlist and went through System Output (which is still the Benchmark DAC) as opposed to directly through the DAC. This worked fine for ~24 hours with no problems. So it appears to be only direct to the DAC that causes isssues/

Hello @Shayne_Hodge ,

Apologies for the slow response here! We recently released a new build of Roon, can you please confirm if the same issue is occurring on the latest release or if there’s been any change in behavior?

We did get a chance to discuss your case with our hardware team and they have mentioned that even though the Benchmark is working as expected in other apps, this is not an equivalent test to the one you performed in Roon, since through Roon the WASAPI driver is used directly while the other apps may be using the System Audio Mixer then route to the Benchmark.

If the issue is still occurring on the new Roon build, can you please:

  • Install the Benchmark driver and try the ASIO output (instead of the WASAPI) and verify if the issue is the same on ASIO:
    Benchmark Media Systems DAC Driver

  • Try to install Foobar2000 with the WASAPI Plugin and try to play to the Benchmark WASAPI zone. This uses the WASAPI driver instead of mixing through System Audio Mixer, which would be a better test to see if there are WASAPI issues.


The new version of Roon is still doing it.

The Benchmark ASIO driver is also still doing it.

My initial attempt with Foobar appears to be wrong - using the event WASAPI driver in the settings, but the Windows volume control is still affecting it. Will experiment with it more.


I take that back - apparently it’s working properly from what I can find - Windows master volume works, but not the mixer. Looping a playlist to test.

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I’ve ran 2 24+ hour loops in Foobar, one WASAPI event, one WASAPI push, and neither ever lost connection.

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@support Update?

Hi @Shayne_Hodge ,

Thank you for running those tests! We attempted to reproduce with the Benchmark DAC3 that we have in the lab, but we have been unable to reproduce an issue when switching tracks with both ASIO and WASAPI drivers, including when switching sample rates.

Can you please confirm, if you have DSP turned on and you upsample everything to the Max PCM Rate, does the issue still occur for you? Please let us know when possible, thanks!

Sorry, been in the middle of a move, will try this soon.