Roon lost connection to all BlueSound apparatus [Resolved - Powerline adapter causing issues]

Fortunately I was able to break down the problem and solve it.

It was neither my Roon server, the BlueSound equipment nor the router. It was the powerline adapter that lost connection. I unplugged all of them, plugged them back in and we’re in business again.



Today, my Roon setup lost connection to all of my BlueSound players in my network. This just happened without any changes I’m aware of.

I rebooted my BlueSound Node 2i a couple of times, rebooted my router, rebooted my Synology NAS running Roon. All to no avail. The service just can’t find the BlueSound players. It can, however, find my Windows Roon player as well as my Android remote control/software player.

What’s going on here? Please help!? I can’t live without my music.

Peter-Jan Bosch

Hi @Peter-Jan_Bosch,

I’m glad to hear that things are working for you now! We note in our Networking Guide that these types of issues can stem from the use of powerline adapters. In the past we’ve found them to be generally unreliable, so definitely something to keep in mind if this continues to be an issue.

Happy listening! :headphones:

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